Stupid Me !

Now this incident may make me look like an idiot but it dosn't matter to me ;) .I know when u just move into a new city you should not play pranks, misbehave or try to be naughty . But my brains worked the other way , i thought no body knows me here so i can do some naughty stuff as i was bored from doing nothing at my new house . I come down at like around 2 pm wearing


So i decide to take a walk by the near by school and tease some teenagers with my soft shaky belly , (by now you must have got it i have a thing for my belly) as i walk by i see no 1 i keep walking . Some strangers pass me making weird face looking at my stomach , i got it they found it disgusting but still it got attention so i was smiling . then i decide to take an auto rickshaw and planed to tease the driver . So i waited till 1 rickshaw came , i  asked for the destination i wanted to go and he agreed and i hopped in . I saw the driver adjusting the mirror in the direction of my navel .How i came to know ? Because its glare was coming rite on to my belly portion . So i started touching it and tried to tease the driver by pressing my belly and holding it by both hands . He then stopped the rickshaw and 2 men sat inside beside  me one on my rite and other on my left . i got scared , because i thought what the hell happened  why they entering my rickshaw  . But it took a while for me to realise that ,this is how the transportation works here . But it was uncomfortable as the rickshaw was small for all three of us ,there was no space to move. Soon i felt the right guys forearm rubbing my side of the belly . i wanted him to know that he was touching . But  soon the rickshaw guy stopped and made 3 more people enter they squeezed in front on use imagine more 3 where already 3 of us were hardly moving. Now it was like i was in the middle with 2 guys beside me and 3 guys rite in front of me with hardy place to see . I was sweating . Suddenly i feel a ***** in belly button , and i ouch! a bit, i don't know what just entered my belly button because it was impossible to see .and i did not know what language they spoke,so could not tell any1 to help me out so i decided to let it stay there .after some time i feel a wriggling sensation near my neck  i begin to giggle as i could not move a muscle to keep that wriggling thing away i did not know what was it so i moved a bit and the guys started complaining about my movement , while moving to avoid ticking  sensation i accidentally slipped that thing near my back  and i started moving frantically because i have a really ticklish back ,but had to idea how to say them that it wasn't me moving deliberately . 1 hand grabs my bare sweaty belly and presses it in an attempt to stop my movement i feel paralysed as i cant do anything . Something poked in my navel , some thing wriggling at my back and 1 rough scaly palm holding my stomach . I was not sure how to react because i got what i came in for but it wasn't suppose to be this rough . By seeing my situation as per my assumption i felt another hand trying to pinch and play with my belly , he removed a stick that was poking my navel and replaced it with his thumb and starts pressing , i get turned on because that is my button to switch me on . I did not know which oh these 5 men were taking advantage of my navel. My belly started trembling so the guy holding it feels the belly vibration and holds it tighter ,i felt my belly was getting gang banged lol . Suddenly i felt some sticky wet object wetting my abdoman , i then realised it was some guys  tongue it was wandering over the part of the belly which was visible to him nad lands his tongue inside my navel and wriggles it . That made me giggle  and move i made moaning shouts so the rick driver looked back and saw my navel getting raped he stopped the rickshaw and told every 1 to come out in his own language .every 1 steps out but me , Because i didnt get a word what he said . He told me to get down as well . he looked at me and pointed at my navel . At first i didn't know what he was wanting , but then i started to talk to him in sign language and he started pointing my belly button . I was terrified as i was not prepared for anything like this . But still i gathered some gutts and streched my arms rite up an closed my eyes in front of the driver , he holds my waist and starts sniffing and nibbling soon 2 guys who were in the rickshaw who licked my navel and held my belly came in front and started fondling my belly fat suddenly they went from calm fondling to wild rough fondling , i fall down by those hooligans punching and pressing tickling licking slapping making it wobble . i lie down on the stoned and pebbles road they continued their playing soon the guys who weren't doing anything to me came forward and wisphered something to the guy who was constantly pressing the side of my stomach , he held my arms tight and the other guy who came whispering held my feet . And the third guy was undoing his pants . I screamed because i didn't wanted to get raped . The guy holding my arms stuff some dirty rag from the rickshaw and shoves it up my mouth. i was shaking and shivering , as i did not want things to go this far.
I closed my eyes because he was butt naked and was pleasuring himself rite in front of me . I screamed moaned and cried  and began to think they will undress me completely and rape me but suddenly i felt hot droplets shooting rite at my stomach i opened my eyes and see 2 guys had **********  on my stomach and few shots were still getting . I cried and felt very gross because i never wanted this to happen . They all left except the rickshaw driver who *** shot on my stomach  . he gave me water from his bottle and the dirty rag which was stuffed in my mouth to clean . While cleaning i puke as i see ***** deep inside my belly button and made squashy slimy sound . the driver without a word points to his rick and i go in and sit and he drops me off from where i caught that rickshaw. Told you i would look like an complete idiot . But that was like very memorable for me as in a thigh squishy situation my stomach got exploited , and i liked that , yeah plan did get overshot but all in all am safe :) 
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oh men ******* *** loads after seeing ur belly, uff isn't that hot dear

It's nice. I like it!

your story is truly an erotic story. hi Barkha can I lick your sexy and juicy navel

You might be enjoying that memory now but thank your stars that nothing serious happened to you.

Totally fake...
It's not possible that they will stick to ur navel and not boobs..
Ur stories r fake madam!!

Its okay if you feel am making up stories :)
By the way nice pic ;D

thats RAW and intense... like the boldness in showing off.. its a huge turn-on for me as well ;)

u having very sexy navel

thank you very much

story is so nice add me like to b ur frnd

erotic belly, and that slit is making me insane

When I was 16 I was at the park wearing a T shirt and blue jean shorts. I saw some cute boys and decided to tie up my shirt and show my sexy innie bellybutton. I let them stare at me but didn't realize two of them had GF's watching me. I walked down the trail trying to get a boy to follow but three girls showed up instead. My arms were held up behind my head while my belly was beaten. I uullfed each time she punched me. They traded places and my arms are now behind my back. My bellybutton is punched extremely hard over and over as was my soft belly just below my navel. After they released me one of them kicked me in my **** then they walked away laughing.

You have an incredible belly! You look so amazing. I would love to fondle it, caress it, and kiss it all over. It is fantastic. Sorry to hear that they didn't treat you better. I can easily see how you got them so hot though!!!!

For some reason I decided to go to a big city park, so I put on my 1/2 T and blue jean shorts and I was off. I liked showing my belly and I wanted to see what he city boys would do. As I walk the park I get stares and a few whistles. I like this. As I walk the trail through the woods I encounter two fat girls. Look at this *****, I hear. They step towards me and I'm watching. As I walk past, one of them grabs me and pulls my arms behind my back. She think she sexy, I hear. Lets see if she sounds sexy. Uullf, uughmmp, uuullfmp and uuullfmp I repeat as my belly is punched. I feel her large fist power into my navel. My body jerked with each blow. She sounds like a sick cow, they laugh. My right breast is struck 3 times then my exposed belly is unmercifully punched an additional 13 times. My body is defeated but I'm held in placed and forced to accept my belly punches. They drop me behind some trees and I lay there to catch my breath. I never returned to the city. I will keep my small town living.

I was trying to msg u.but couldnt. I want to see ur pics.plz add me.

Are u realy that bold.does ur boyfriend know all about this.i am shivering.

Can u pls add as ur frnd ur stories r great it feels so real

wow u are hot really

oh my god thank you yaar

hey is ur navel pierced??


wow barkha/..... itz so sexy story...ur navel turn me on..plx wud u lyk 2 be my frnd. ?

done , but you profile is empty please feel in your basic info and join groups so that people can know you better :)

Thanks. So far so good.

hehe you are welcome )

This is the story that brought me here and register. Awesome!!

woah!! Hey ep I need some credit here :P lol jk ... hope you have fun here! :)

hey if u wanna have sum fun add me on skype clint.testino

As u became victim


y sad?

Well that's the price you pay for being an exhibitionist in India... From my POV i think you enjoyed your belly button gang bang inside the auto rickshaw, but the *** shots and other gross thing sounds a little profane, I would have fainted in that situation, but glad you came back and we have an amazing story... thanks..

Excatly ....

you have sexy fantasy....wish ur dream come true... ;)))

this was no dream or fantasy it was reality

wow...thats some hot experience...bold though......u have a sexy belly....Hey Barkha... i wish to add you as a friend...hope ure ok with it...thanks

Thank you thank you Surely i would add you as a friend

why don;t you give me a chance & add me ?? :( what did i do for you to not ??

ok to be frank your communities are a bit too explicit for me to accept you , i am sorry if i was rude ... :(

are you talking about the groups that i;am in??


how many hav kissed on ur navel till now ??

lol i don't keep counts... :)

Barkha!! Too erotic story!!! It turns me on

can u send the photo of someone kissing your navel ??

sorry mister

Wooow........anyone can go mad watching that deep navel of yours on that big chubby belly ;)

thanks ! that was such a cute comment :)

i am shivering while reading this

lol mee toow as shivering while this happned ... :-s

I turn "ON" reading this hot story. You are an awesome writer :)

thanks hon :)

have you ever had someone spray whipp cream all over your belly button & lick some of it out & then tongue **** the rest that in ur belly button??

no i never had any 1 like that , i got spray painted over my belly once!

you can message me but can't add me ?? why not ? would love to give u more comments :)

I never wanted ***** on my stomach :-s

you do got a sexy lil tummy

lil ... ??? lol

Sexy story. You did take a risk, but you certainly did get the satisfaction you needed. Your navel must be wonderful to turn so many men on.