Navel Kissed Hard

I am an Indian Lady and Love wearing saree below my lovely Navel. I love the way guys try to take a glimpse of my navel.

One day I was in office and it was evening time. I was in a light pink coloured saree for a corporate event. I had some pending thing and was trying to finish it off and go home. A colleague of mine, with whom I was interacting to close the pending thing came to my department to solve the issue. He wanted to check something in my computer and hence I stood on his left. My midriff was visible to him now. I was getting conscious with his head so close to me. He asked me to check for some file in my PC and I did so. While i bent down, my saree got the gravitation pull and my midriff along with the navel got exposed to him. I was dieing to see if he was getting distracted by it, but to my amaze, he didnt. He simply checked the file and went away.

While I was about to leave, he met me at the main gate and offered me to drop me home in his car. Since it was too late, I thought it was safest to go with him.

We were causually chit chatting in the car when suddenly i realised that he had diverted the car to an unknown road. I wondered what he was upto.

I asked him, "I think we have taken the wrong route". He halted the car at the side of the lane which was unattended by people and said "Hey, dont mind, but i got a glimpse of your navel today. I want to do something to it. Can you please allow me?". I couldnt resist at all. I didnt know what exactly he wanted to do, so i just replied, "I also want you to do something to it". He sided the pallu and firstly touched my stomach. His hand almost completely covered by thin waist. I felt I was on the top of the world, highly protected by a strong man. He then lowered my seat and i was lying at a 45 degree angle. He bend down and slowly kissed my navel. I had experienced ectasy. He played with my navel for sometime and then he started smooching it badly. My stomach got pulled by his smooches. I was enjoying every bit of his lips on my tummy. He was actually playing by my tummy and licking my navel to the last degree. I just wish he becomes mine.

FYI - We have started dating now...Lets see what happens
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nice experience

very nice. i want an experience like that too. got any other girls like you?

Super good he is lucky

nice and cute experience you experienced :)