Navel Poking Journey

This is the story when I was traveling at Mumbai delhi rajdhani AC two tier coach. I was checking my name in the list when I noticed there was a lady ***** F 31 at side berth lower and mine was side upper berth. I got off my luggage and stucked it beneath the SL berth. Nobody has come to the compartment, I was the first one. I just sat and waiting for the train to go. Little later passengers started pouring in. everyone was busy in stuffing their luggage. There was 15 min for the train to go. Then came the lady who is the main character of my story. She is just superb. She is married as she has accompanied with her 04 yr old son. She has a marvelous figure and wearing red color skin fitting T shirt and low waist jeans. She just come and enquired about her seat, she then started putting her luggage beneath the berth. Her sexy curves and fair waist get visible during the act. As she trying to put her luggage her t shirt got up and I got the chance to have a glimpse of that. I got excited. She was wearing low waist jeans and short t shirt so every time her shirt got up and to my pleasure I got to see her sexy curves. When the job of her putting the luggage is over I noticed that she a big oval navel that is clearly visible by the depression of her shirt. She has a little bit bulky belly which is arousing me. I got swoon in her voluptuous belly and praying to God to have a glimpse of it. I am a die hard navel lover and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. She sat at one part of the seat with her son. She was feeling difficulty to adjust with her so I propose to sit at the other seat but she said no we can adjust. Soon we started talking to each other as the train is moving forward. Soon we got the refreshments in the train and meanwhile I tried to be more familiar with her. She also showed the +ve sign. I was ogling at her sexy navel and praying in my mind when to poke it. She also got an idea what was I longing for. After the dinner, she asked for my help in managing her bed sheet and told me that her son has habit of loo at night and that she might disturb me for the same (jokingly). I was dreaming about her navel and poking it and when I got fast asleep I didn’t know. At around 1 am I heard a whisper of her I got wake up. She was taking her son for loo and meanwhile I asked her for assistance but she replied that she can manage. It comes as a deterrent for me and I almost lost any hope. She came after a few minutes any tried to let her son to sleep. Later she went to the wash room and I followed her to do the same. She was inside the western toilet and I was waiting for my turn. As she opened the door I was stunned to see her. She has just folded her t shirt and her fleshy navel is clearly visible. She said “ are u looking for it, how is it…” the word I said was “marvelous” it has just like a long cherished dream of mine come true. I promptly entered the toilet and closed it. Now I have a very close look of her navel. It was wide, deep and fleshy. I just slightly poked her oval navel and she started moaning. Then I applied a little greater pressure. My finger goes inside her deep navel as “ makkhan me garam churri”. I started playing with her navel and caressing it with a little bit of patting. She suddenly started me kissing me passionately. Then I started licking her deep oval navel and little bit of biting also. She was moaning… ohhh.. uuhhhhh ahhhhaaa as if she is enjoying the whole act. All this lasted for 10-15 minutes, suddenly we heard some persons talking, and they were the waiters. When they gone, she came out first and after 2-3 min I left. She was in her birth and I was still not satisfied. I opened the curtain and sat over her feet and closed the curtains, her son was sleeping by one side. I slightly put her t shirt up and started licking her navel vigorously. She insisted to be slow but to no vain. I was passionately patting it and playing with her belly. It was truly a nice one I wish for. While playing with her navel I got a mischief in my mind and I dragged my bag out and put out my toothbrush. She got the idea what I want to do and pleaded to do it gently. I poked the toothbrush in her soft navel and played with it for some time. She also enjoyed the changed act. All this went for 15-20 minutes and then we had taken our cots to go for sleep.
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Good story and great experience. Well done.

damn hot and erotic story....liked too much..............

pls add me see ur album pics.......!!!!!!!!!!!

That was an interesting story. Thank you for sharing it.

are you in contact with her now ?

that sweet lady has given her wrong mob no........ just gr8 hain naa...