Showing My Nipples

As you can see from the picture on my story  I havent got very big boobs but have got long nipples i love going out without a Bra so they stick out throught my clothes. I like all the attention i get but sometimes i dont think other girls don't like me doing it. what do you think?
candice82 candice82
26-30, F
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if i had nipples like those, i would def show them off. i would pierce them if i were u

Awesome nips..........any guy would be crazy not to drool when seeing those pop through your! Please add me.

looks alot like some one I know(me) My story tells what I do with them

If I ever bump into you and see your hard nipples, i'll make sure to let you know how much I'm enjoying the view by twisting them a bit. Hope you don't mind...

Your breasts are a perfect size, and your nipples are fantastic!

absolutely stunning, I would love to suckle those

Damn, girl. Those nipples are fantastic. I want to tweak, twist and suck your nips! Thanks for showing them off.

i love it....who cares what other girls think. my hard c*ck says he likes it... mmmmm great ti+s and nipps . add me

Screw the other girls. I like your nipples. I would be happy to give them all the attention you want ;)

Awesome Nipples! Thank you for sharing!!!

Mmmmmm could lick suck and nibble for hours !!


I have said it before but would just love to nibble them!

candice you have perfect **** babe

OMG! Your nipples are totally exquisite! I'd love to be out with you and see the heads swivel! It must be a tremendous turn on!


Fantastic! Small breasts are my favorite and your nipples are stunning. I would love see you somewhere in public with those gorgeous nips on display. More women need to follow your example.
Thank you!!

From the point of view of a man seeing your nipples is a lovely experience. I just love girls with small breasts

Your boobs are hyper sexy !!!! It's not their size, but what you actually DO with them that makes them irresistibles !! Seeing them Under your braless top must make any man loose his focus ! Not to mention the "forest" of hard dicks you must leave in many pants while you walk in a public place !
About other girls, it d├ępends : some may be jealous while some will happily get the benefits from the hard-on you gave her man !!

I love your nipples. My wife and I were in Hawaii awhile back, when a large nipples woman was walking towards us in a shear see through top. I immediately started getting erect, and I knew my wife was getting jealous. We made it back to our hotel, where I doggystyled her brains out and drenched her nipples with my load. She wasn't jealous anymore lol! Great nipples, I'm in love!

I think they are just jealous. Your breast are gorgeous!!!

Your nipples are amazing

I love the way they look naturally erect. Here are some good nipple words:
"Tumecense, ridgid, vertical,perpendicular. Upward reaching, like a prayer. Ad me if you want me to continue talking like this.

I think your nipples are beautiful! I have a nipple fetish just seeing nipplesthat size or llonger I automatically get a hard on it does it on it's on I don't have to fantasize and touch it, my **** gets hard I don't wear underwear in public if I get to look down a woman's shirt with no bra and she has long nipples if I can't leave I will have to go jerk off it's hard to make an 8 inch **** that gets rock hard unnoticable I have been trying to find nipple movies in **** but no luck! And if you have more pics to show of them I would be honered to look at them

They are beautiful!

I think the girls that don't like it are jealous. Those are great.

And plenty of attention they deserve... so nice and long, bittable...

Nibbly Kisses...

These are gorgeous! I have a theory that the smaller the breasts the more likely that the nipples will be relatively large and sensitive.

Stunning! :)

I wouldn't think about those other women. keep them babies free. Candice those are perfect in all ways. Thanks for sharing the pic. I can visualize you putting your nipple in my mouth then I clamp my lips down sucking and swirling my tongue around your nipples. You should post a pic with a shirt on showing your pokies.

Beautiful nipples.

I love them...keep them braless !!

Perfect is all I can say. They are jealous.

Beautiful. I find your round well defined aeriolas incredibly sexy.

I love your nipples could look t those all day

I had an ex with nipples like yours they are great

Your breasts are the perfect size, and your nipples are exquisite! Absolutely perfect!

As a man I can have a hard on.
You women er stricted by visual showing off to your ****. Your bottom parts dont show your feelings in the same way.
And yet - I can feel a difference, if your nipples are erected cause of lust or cold weather.
So maybe you women sends us body smells aswell?
Ahhhhhh - I smell sex..........

they would get me attention, should I say they "wood" get my penis's attention. very nice to suck...

y wife doesn't have big **** either, but she has big nips and I love to see her braless!! more sexy than showing cleavage!!

very nice

Love em

they are gorgeous. my soon to be ex-wife has long nipples but doesnt like to go out in public without a padded bra. I love them.

they are just stunning what you have ...

they look great. go for it. hope to see you one day.

i love women showing nipples there very thanked.

I meant, "you DON'T need big breasts with.." Sorry

I think your nipples are perfect. You need big breasts with nipples like that. I love making nipples hard, like yours. Thank you.

I think the women that don't like you showing are just jealous. Tiny nipples or lack of courage. If you've an asset why would you hide it?

i would kill to suck on those perky nips.

Bet it feels sexy at work when someone looks (guy or girl ) if you are attracted to them. I wouldn't call your breasts small. Just right for me!!

Add me?? Crowbar

Your nipples are Hot hope to see more of them. Thanks

Perfect nipples!
Let them be free!

nice add me pls

Keep it up!!!
There are so many worse things you could be doing. What's the big deal?

Go for it! Don't worry about what others think! :o)

Your boobs are perfect

Candice, size isn't everything. Your boobs are fantastic....perky, with huge nipples that obviously get nice and erect...mmmm!

nice nipples, nice color

Love your nips and breast make me very horny

Awwwwwww sweet nips... yummy look...

Envy is a comon sin, and jelousy even a more painful one... of course they will try to protect their property... their guys would be so attracted to this magnet of a hottie showing sexy ...


WOW!! They are Perfect

very horny nips

Your nipples are absolutely beautiful and I would love to roll them between my finger and thumb. They look ready to be very gently sucked and caressed and then pulled out gently until they lengthened even more. Be very careful with them and pleasure yourself often

stunning nipples absolutely perfect ****

They are gorgeous!! I love to see my wife go braless too

they are gorgeous
hug and kisses

Wow! You'd look good in any top. (And don't worry about the insecure and meek women. The issues are theirs)

WOW. Would love to suck on those

I love them!!!!

I think they are great! (Like Tony the Tiger)

Very nice perky boobs, with great long hard nipples to match

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

I'm a girl and I'd love to get a perk of your pert nipples teasing through your blouse!

Absolutely perfect! Bet you taste as sweet as you look. Would love a nibble... ;)

too sexy nipples ...

too sexy nipples ...

With nipples that sexy I wouldn't worry about the size of your boobs. Thanks for sharing the pic it certainly got my attention.

great nipples!!! will you add me?

Those are beautiful, sexy **** and nipples. I'd love to see them in person some day.

very sexy, i love the size of your boobs. but your nipples are amazing to look at, can only wonder what it would be like to suck. Are they very sensative

You have adorable breasts and lovely nipples. my wife is 50 and she prefers to go braless ,being small breasted herself. if your comfortable with it, who's business is it anyway,your only young once.

They look wonderfully appealing... mine are a bit like yours, and I also wish I could suck them better :)

You breasts are perfect Hon! And your lucious nipples would definitely turn my head! Us large busted girls can be real "suckers" for such a lovely sight....thanks for sharing...Danielle.

I love them. Your's are particularly hot!

Thanks for sharing, Candice82! I always enjoy looking at beautiful breasts. Yours are perfect - I wish I could have you pose for me...

i thnk your nipples are nice and long very sexy to suck on also

Just gorgeous, I wish I was lucky enough to catch a glimps I. The middle of the street. X

I think I love you.

You have great ****! I love small breasts best, by far! And those nopples of yours are fantastic! Thanks for the pic and story! Dx