Showing My Nipples

As you can see from the picture on my story  I havent got very big boobs but have got long nipples i love going out without a Bra so they stick out throught my clothes. I like all the attention i get but sometimes i dont think other girls don't like me doing it. what do you think?
candice82 candice82 26-30, F 132 Responses Nov 18, 2010

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Awesome Nipples! Thank you for sharing!!!

I say keep up the good work!!

Mmmmmm could lick suck and nibble for hours !!

I always get the stink eye from other women, whether it's too much cleavage or hard nipples. Are they pissed their guy might like it? I can't figure it out.

You can bet all the men and all the bi women love it, the rest of the women are just jealous


I have said it before but would just love to nibble them!

Love your **** and your nipples are perfect

candice you have perfect **** babe

OMG! Your nipples are totally exquisite! I'd love to be out with you and see the heads swivel! It must be a tremendous turn on!

Love your nipples! Girls who don't like you braless are probably just jealous!!!

they are perfect!!!


Fantastic! Small breasts are my favorite and your nipples are stunning. I would love see you somewhere in public with those gorgeous nips on display. More women need to follow your example.
Thank you!!

As a woman, I think it's hot. Makes me show mine more and turns my husband on. He loves hard nipples and loves mine to be seen, too. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy.

From the point of view of a man seeing your nipples is a lovely experience. I just love girls with small breasts

Your boobs are hyper sexy !!!! It's not their size, but what you actually DO with them that makes them irresistibles !! Seeing them Under your braless top must make any man loose his focus ! Not to mention the "forest" of hard dicks you must leave in many pants while you walk in a public place !
About other girls, it d├ępends : some may be jealous while some will happily get the benefits from the hard-on you gave her man !!

Those nipples are so beautiful! I'd love to be able to suck on them!

I love your nipples. My wife and I were in Hawaii awhile back, when a large nipples woman was walking towards us in a shear see through top. I immediately started getting erect, and I knew my wife was getting jealous. We made it back to our hotel, where I doggystyled her brains out and drenched her nipples with my load. She wasn't jealous anymore lol! Great nipples, I'm in love!

I think they are just jealous. Your breast are gorgeous!!!

Your nipples are amazing

I love the way they look naturally erect. Here are some good nipple words:
"Tumecense, ridgid, vertical,perpendicular. Upward reaching, like a prayer. Ad me if you want me to continue talking like this.

I think your nipples are beautiful! I have a nipple fetish just seeing nipplesthat size or llonger I automatically get a hard on it does it on it's on I don't have to fantasize and touch it, my **** gets hard I don't wear underwear in public if I get to look down a woman's shirt with no bra and she has long nipples if I can't leave I will have to go jerk off it's hard to make an 8 inch **** that gets rock hard unnoticable I have been trying to find nipple movies in **** but no luck! And if you have more pics to show of them I would be honered to look at them

They are beautiful!

I think the girls that don't like it are jealous. Those are great.

those are super hot girl!!! Guys certainly love it and girls, some, do too...

And plenty of attention they deserve... so nice and long, bittable...

Nibbly Kisses...

These are gorgeous! I have a theory that the smaller the breasts the more likely that the nipples will be relatively large and sensitive.

Stunning! :)

I wouldn't think about those other women. keep them babies free. Candice those are perfect in all ways. Thanks for sharing the pic. I can visualize you putting your nipple in my mouth then I clamp my lips down sucking and swirling my tongue around your nipples. You should post a pic with a shirt on showing your pokies.