Long Erect Nips

I have a few bras that I've created for my nips to poke thru. I've done this because my breasts are so large and I want my nips to still have the awesome freeness they deserve. Because the fabric from my bra presses on my areola, my nips stay erected and rock hard until I take off my bra. It's amazing to go somewhere and see the stares from men and women. I even had one lady ask me how long my nipples actually were. I told her between a 1/2 and 3/4 inches and she wanted to see them. She was amazed at how I cut my bra to allow them out. There is one guy at work that gets almost an instaneous erection when I walk into the room. The advances I get from single or married men has me so horny sometimes. My husband gets upset if I wear one of these bras out but I love the attention. Is it so wrong to have men drooling over their want to suck on them or pinch them...or even some women for that matter? That's how we met because he was so enamored by them poking thru a super thin T-shirt at a club one night. I love my long, super erect hard nips and I want to share them with anyone who wants to worship them as I do.
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2011

I think I'm your biggest fan.

I have some cupless and others, but none made for me, specifically. What do you cut into them? circles? I'm very interested, and enjoyed your story:)

I like hard erect nipples always make me ask "wonder what she is thinking about." Hope you come by me oneday I will let you know they are a turn on.