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I Love Showing Off My Nipples

There is just something about showing off my nipples that I find very exciting.

I have large nipples that seem perpetually erect. They tent the fabric of my sweaters. They seem to be trying to knife through my delicate silk blouses.

My nipples draw attention to themselves, and when I see men looking, a shiver of excitement goes all through me. It feels so deliciously naughty, letting them see my nipples and letting them know that I know they can see my nipples.

I am not exactly sure what it is exactly that makes my nipples seem so powerfully erotic to me, and I suppose it reveals some inner issue about me, but nevertheless, it is what it is. So you will see me flaunting my nipples and loving every minute of it. 

outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 59 Responses Mar 2, 2008

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You're a lucky lady :)

I think so, and I am very grateful and appreciative of my luck

Ur very popular on ep
Keep it up love ur stories xx

How do you know I am very popular on EP? Do people talk about me? I often wonder if my fans and friends discuss me?

Ho yes baby ur in loads of ep mambers activeties

What do they say about me? I am very curious about that.

As a nipple lover I am always looking. It would so nice to see yours and that devious smile. That would so exciting but nibbling and sucking would be even more exciting.

I have added you so enjoy the view. Warm Kisses.

I love to see a womans nipples - clothed or bare. But it is something special about seeing, but not seeing it all. And all the fantacies one can make out of a pair of stiff nipples! Is she cold? Horny? Am I the readon for the arousal, or something on her mind?

I see guys noticing my stiff nipples tenting the thin fabric of my top or my dress, and then their eyes lift to meet mine, and they find me smiling with that mischevious gleam in my sparkling eyes, and they know that I know they were staring at my nipples and that I don't mind. There is such a sudden connection between us, and it oftens leads to such wonderful relationships.

really sexy and enough that to arose a male arg.

I so love arousing you. I delight in hearing such responses. Warm Kisses,

Very well described. I feel the same way and have always been very breast oriented sexually.

I can imagine us meeting and both of us so painfully aware of each other's nipples. What a delicious idea.

I would love to taste your nipples. Nipple-play is one of my favorite ways to arouse a lady.

Oooooo, I love the sound of that.

As I've always said...they are the accessory that makes a wardrobe. They point to me and call eyes cannot stop. They are to be appreciated, tasted, and devoured. I love them.

Why can I not add you? Mine certainly ache to be tasted and devoured.

Okay...I didn't seem to have a problem adding you...maybe you can try again.

Yeah! It worked. Enjoy

super hot story...please add me?

Done. Enjoy.

I also have a direct connection between my nipples and *****. I easily come from nipple manipulation. Love, love nipple play.

I would love to suck and lick your nipples until you ***. Mmmmmmmmm..........

My first girlfriend had super sensitive nipples as well as several others following.<br />
I wish I knew then what I know now and I would have taken better advantage of them and her.<br />
Live and learn.

Taking advantage of a girl's sensitive nipples is just deliciously manipulative. You are such a bad boy and girts like us love you for it.

I am hungry to see more of you, please add me so I can see your pics.

You ladies are driving me crazy. Nothing better than seeing some large nipples trying to escape. Sends a twinge thru my ****. Actually nothing better tahan seeing any size nipple.<br />
keep on giving us a show ............. we love it!!!! recruit your friends too we need more.

You men are such hungry creatures. Always wanting too.

I had the pleasure in my younger years in the usaf . I met a gal one night she picked me up in a bar. I was 21 she was 34. I never met a gal who could come just by sucking on her nipples. multi orgasmic.... I work security in a large club, I do the ID so I get to see all the gals coming in the club.. Too me even a gal with no **** showing hard nipples is sexier than a pair of fake boobs. I used to work in a ***** club (3yrs) and got turned off by the fake boobs. Ok to look at in clothing but naked two unmoving softballs...

Mine are 100% real I am proud to say. But I go a bit easier on flat chested girls who get boob jobs. I don't blame them for wanting to be competitive for the attention of guys. Obviously, the majority of men do not share your turn off when it comes to fake boobs or those strippers would stay natural. They do whatever brings them the most tips, right? I do think that there are lots of women who can get very very aroused by having their nipples sucked, maybe not to the point of ****** but very aroused nonetheless.

I agree most strippers get enlargements, some are almost natural, but I've see some horrific boob jobs.

So many of the women that men bring to our parties are "plastic" Barbie dolls. I feel so blessed that I have not felt the need to do that. But I am still in my 30's so who knows? I do not mind a woman trying to improve herself and my philosophy is whatever makes you feel good about yourself is OK with me. Sill I agree with you that natural breasts have a certain movement to them that is just so appealing to me. I think that art is all about the artist, so it is finding the right surgeon who can create the most natural look.

You are a very special

Not really, there are lots of girls like me, but thank you for the compliment.

I would love to help you find out how hard you can *** by my giving constant attention to your nipples. I have oral and manual stamina like no tomorrow. I would only stop when begged or you have passed out from pleasure.

*giggle* With a girl like me, your tongue might get sore.

Wow, girl, you write well! i certainly wish women like you lived near me--I very seldom see nipples like you describe! Any chance for an ADD so that I may enjoy a photo? I would love it-thinking about it makes me horny!

I love it when women allow their nipples to poke out. It is so erotic for those lucky enouth to see, but the rush of excitement for you, exposeing your gorgeous nipples must be amazing. thanks for sharing

I agree with that - sucking nipples seems a really good way to get a girlie really ripe for sex

Is *that* why your nipples were staring at my eyes <:-)

Mmm, nothing gets me going faster than the sight of erect nipples!

I love to love woman who love their nipples to be loved.

For all men everywhere, we thank you and we love you for showing off those sexy nips. It IS incredibly erotic to see and makes me almost instantly erect when I see a sexy woman, nipping out.

I love the sight of erect nipples through semi-sheer fabric, especially in public places. It is soooo erotic and stimulating. I'm getting horny just thinking about it. Maybe I've seen you somewhere :)

Personally, I like the braless look, when it's appropriate (e.g. maybe not at Sunday mass, LOL). However, pretty much any other time is cool! That natural look is enhanced and made so much more erotic when the woman has nipples that are noticeable through whatever fabric she's wearing. Something about that little "enhancement" adds intrigue and curiosity (e.g. "I wonder what those look like with NO top?"). My wife has perfect nipples for this. Unfortunately, she doesn't go for the braless look nearly as often as I'd like her to do it. But when she does, yeah, I know people are noticing. They are prominent enough to arrive just a fraction of a second before she does, even given her petite fr<x>ame and modest 35B size. Still waiting for the first complaint from someone. LOL! I would love the opportunity to see a few pix of these delicious-sounding nipples. Please add us.

I'm a breast man and I love nipples and when i see perky hard nipples it makes me want to ***. You can flaunt your nipples my way anytime. I hope you will add me so I can look at your pictures.

Outof and Bobbie, your sensuality and your awareness of it is wonderful. It's what makes a woman attractive; irresistible.<br />
Wish there were more women like you out there.

perhaps something to do with the taboo of exposing yourself in public and the erotic effect it has. or knowing that others are looking (staring) and being turned on also that provides a rush of sexual pleasure. either way, thank you.

Yummy, love nipples!

If you love showing off your nipples so much, you should add me, and show them off to someone who'd love it.