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Bathing Suits...

I've been thinking about bathing suits lately since the summer is approaching. I recently lost some weight and I think I could do a 2 piece suit this summer without a problem. I'm a 38DD so I'm worried about support and coverage. I usually go to a family beach. However, I REALLY want to get a bathing suit that will show my nipples through the material!! I love going in the cold ocean water and feeling them get sooo hard. There's no reason not to show off my lovely nips!! There "might" be some beach goers who would enjoy seeing them poking through my swimsuit. I know I like to see the sights at the beach....
Likkmee Likkmee 46-50, F 26 Responses Mar 5, 2012

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i would love to see. please add

I love to see the sights!! add me?

Wish I could have you model your swimsuits for me. You could come out of the water, see my look of interest and approval (and excitement). You could bend over, knowing you are safe....but driving me crazy, nonetheless.

Bet it would look great... add me

Well I am sure of it! Did you do it?

please add me

will be looking for you on the beach ....

I hope you make the same plan for this summer too! What's a beach without some nipples showing and poking out!!? LOL!!!

I concur (to the MAX)!!

But, we'll probably NEVER be on the beach at the same time!! So, what say we advance me a sneek-peek Right Now... I'd absolutely adore b'n your friend!!!

Thanks in advance...

Love it when you can see a ladies nipples through her swim suite.

i would love to see your nipples! i never get to see any , so just let them hang out and maybe every woman will get the ideal and i will get to see some nipples.

Go for it! Don't worry about support, just let me know where you will be and I will be there for "support".

I can't wait for beach weather and seeing women like you there.

Heading to the beach today...with this story sure to be stuck in my head!

Enjoy th beach! I wish I was going to a beach today!

Ujena makes a whole line of "sheer when wet" unlined one and two piece swimsuits. Take a look at their website, they have some very sexy choices!

I am sure many people would like that sight. If you think you look good in a two peice then by all means go for it.

Have you pruchased anything yet? There are a few companies out there specialising in this type of bikini or you could just cut the linning out of an old one. I bet you would look great with your nipples on show.

One of my all-time favorite pastimes is watching women with big beautiful breasts show them and those hard nipples off!!! Just love it!! Braless, see-thru, tiny bikini tops all are great!! So, don't hold back...GO FOR IT!! You know we horny old men love it and it sounds like you love it too!!!!

I always wonder why people send sooo much money on bathing suits.. Do you take a shower with closthes on????

Try these sw suits. I bet you would look great in one.

Hi I'm new here. Could u please add me?

Please drive topless!!!!!!

Took wife to Orient Beach, St. Marteen... 10K nude people... She freaked out but went nude. So what! We are adults, right?

all we needto know is witch beach you go to and light color sutes are the best

I'm stroking myself right now thinking about your protruding nipples. Glad to be your friend.