I just LOVE seeing perky nipples under a soft material. I guess it goes back to my Mum who was a child of the seventies who rarely wore underwear of any kind and I just got used to the look of the contour of rounded breasts and perky nipples. My breasts are quite small but my nipples are well defined and get erect at the slightest excuse. And i love being able to feel them whenever i want to.
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Women with small **** are very beautiful and sexy, it a dam shame that some women feel the need to get breast implants.

Couldn't agree more!

I find that so organically sexy :) Lot of love :)

You are a second generation flower child...enjoy your **** as others do!

My Mom was a first (or perhaps second) gen 'hippie'

Bra free breasts are always a wonder to behold!
Those nipples poking through the soft material are just so lovely to notice!

any first time experiences with nipples? first time you touched, sucked, played with or licked someone elses or someone did those things to you?

I LOVE how my nipples feel when they rub against fabric, and love it even more when I go braless and they get hard and men stare. I can get off just from that feeling alone!

I think we share that trait, both physically, and in the fondness for leaving the bra in the drawer. I do like the feeling of smooth fabric moving over my nips.

mmm you sound divine

I must admit that visible nipples poking through the blouse fabric is most definitely a turnon for me! Lucky for me, my wife loves wearing quarter-cup bras when we go out, because they make the breasts even perkier and position the nipples for best "pokage!" :)

i love the stares i get when i go braless. my boobs are big but not yet saggy so they jiggle when i walk and rub against my clothes. the feeling is heavenly and they stay hard.

breast with hard nipples poking through are very sexy

lol can i see em

I agree with this thread, I am a bloke and find it so hard not to stare when I can see nipples perking through a top, great the warmer weather is on it's way to the UK :-)

love them