Holiday Madness

When I was sixteen I was still very flat-chested, but my nipples were waking-up quickly. I had a summer top that was kind of knitted from a thick cotton yarn and ordinarily, you couldn't see anything through it even though it was a wide knit, rather like a net, so i never wore anything under it. One day, I had caught the ferry between Helford and Helford Passage in Cornwall (UK) and as I walked along the gang-plank at the landing I noticed several men had their eyes fixed on my chest. being me, I just smiled and walked right on by. I joined my Dad at a table outside the pub for lunch and realised he was motioning with his eyes towards my chest too. When i looked down, I could see my left nipple plain as day, peeking out through one of the cells of my knitted top! It gave me such a thrill, I just smiled at Dad and he raised his eyes skywards lkke he always did when he knew he wouldn't win an argument. After that, I did my best to persuade my nipples to peek out through that top and I have been searching for a similar one for ages now.
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Nothing better than getting to see some hot hard nips while out and about#

My wife's mother made her a "loose knit" blue jumper. But as she never wears a bra ("under her mother's thumb sexually!".) she would, to please her Mum, wear it when we visited her mother's home in Newcastle.
But, as soon as we were about to go out for the day, off would come my wife's bra!
By lunchtime, ready for a meal and a drink, we would go to country pub.
Where her mother lived, there were plenty of warm, cozy log-fired pubs.
Off would come Chris's jacket, revealing her nipples through the jumper!
I don't mean "a hint of nipple" I mean two erect nipples on full show!
Chris didn't - and STILL doesn't realize that nipples prodding out of a jumper is more erotic than sunbathing topless!
Claudia, you are 34b? Lovely breasts and not afraid to show them.
Personally, I would love to see you wearing a thin, white, long tee-shirt. Protruding nipples and no knickers,..obviously!
The perfect backdrop would airport lounge or pub, with lots of people "milling around, getting their drinks etc.. totally unaware that your ***** is on show and your nipples are aching in anticipation!
Th best part (from YOUR sexual experience is that, as a well seasoned traveller, you know that "Big Brother" CCTV cameras are watching you "fingering" yourself to a multi-******!
Does that sound like something you would like?
I think so!
Let me know your thoughts please.

34B is pretty much bang on!

i love to watch nipples ... :)

Awww..... you've found my Kryptonite.......... I'm a sucker for a woman's erect nipples.........pun intended lol. Please consider adding us. Thanks,

Sounds like you must have some awesome nipples. :)

Ahh the picture of you doing this even today would have me in your spell. You are very intoxicating.

hey Claudia thanks 4 responding ,1 of my friends died in uk .recently Adrian Charles owner of acb hydraulics from Cheadle,

Really sorry to hear that. Cheadle is about twenty miles from here. I used to have a girlfriend who lived there

I used to work in Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme! A couple of good 'Robinson Brewery' pubs (Stockport) there. Hee!
K&C (UK).xx

hi Claudia its been a long time ,hope you are doing great ....

I am, thank you

I had a friend who wore a football jersey with a similar 'open weave'. She didn't wear anything under it either. Lo and behold BOTH nipples poked thru the shirt rather extensively.. she was aware but didn't bother to take them out of the weave.... And i wasn't ABOUT to point them out to her- She appreciated that

...Beautiful nipples on small breast mounds. Nature's greatest perfection!

Mmmmm... A 'look' like that is always sexy!

You are marvelous. This is the exact type of top I love. Especially on a gal with smallish breasts. You are a sexy little minx.

hey i would love to see ur nipples im a huge nipple lover

I am sure Dad liked what he saw, the same as the other men.

oh Claudia you are naughty and delicious. Always did like reading your stories. That type of top is my dream. I would buy you one IG you were my gf haha.

Tee hee . . . Yeah, I think most men like them

Probably not as much as me. The sweater thing falls into one of my fantasy ideals in a woman. I like a lady that dresses nice and you can\'t dress nice shopping at Payless.

You may show me, anytime. I would love to see you peeking through.

Wow, I bet I would have loved to see that! Great story!

That is awesome. I love it when ever I see a small busted woman whose nipples are showing.

Yes, I like nipples. ;-)

Please add me as a friend :)

Oh man!

add me pls

I don't know why, but when I read your stories I end up smiling rather knowingly, but knowing what I just don't know.

If I manage to make you smile it has been worthwhile! ;-)

You make me smile to. :-)

What a lovely thing to say!

That"s hot, did that turn you on?

Very nice I hope you find one...

Nice story

Very cool.

What a cool story, have you had any luck finding a similar top?

Yes . . .

Excellent story!

Wow! I would love to see them!!! Still got a top like that? Love to see one or two of them poking out!!

add me pls

Only a Father would let his Daughter get away with "flashing" her chest in public. I know I have 2 girls myself. Still a funny story. Crowbar

Absolutely wonderful story. Need a lady like you
Please friend me.

I'll check out your posts and consider friending you.

There is something, about daughters, when they get to the age, they want to see what reactions they can get from a dad. Never having daughters myself, it seems a very interesting dance.

Yup! Giggles

Lovely story...I am hoping you will please add me :-).

...When I get to know you.

I hope that you have found the similar top by now?

I have, actually. ;)

Fantastic! And do you wear it as you described?

Could I see a picture of them peeking out??

I am always on the lookout so that would have been a nice day for me!

Aren't all men?


Would love to have seen that!

Love it!

Love it. Girls who like showing their nipples are the best.

Love your Dad !!

H ad I been in your dad'splace, I would have simply enjoyed the view

*Giggles... I'm sure he did in a suitably fatherly way!

Great story ... Aren't you the naughty horny one

Ahh i like this story,wish I had been the waiter I would have enjoyed a nice little nipple slip!

Nice ;-) And great that your Dad was cool about it!

very nice erotic story, thanks

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments ;-)

awesome story loved it

now u r so naughty lol

Wonderful small erotic gem. I love it.