What A Feeling!

During the hotter months here, I like to display my nipples. Even though I don't show bare skin, I let my hard nipples show very noticably through my thin shirts. So last weekend I wore a see through red top with no bra or undershirt. I went to this party with my best friend and everyone was complementing me on my 'shirt' it made me feel good. I felt even better knowing I made this cute guy at the party **** hard.. Mmm I was so horny that night I even decided to flash and let him suck on my ******* in front of my friends.. Mmm what a great feeling it is.!
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

Very nice. ;) I would have done the same and you are really gutsy. Great visual..

I love your story and the fact you let a stranger suck your nipples in front of your friends.

i want to see your nipples