How To Show My Nipples?

I like guys to stare at my nipples. but I'm shy. I would like to know how to show my nipples accidentlly?
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Loose Tees with no bra, but id rather look at ur breasts n nips then what ur wearing.

A thin white T shirt Or a loose fitting tank top

Find a loose top so when you bend over that you can see down the top . Go to the park look for Gus with dogs ask to pet the dog bending over showing all your stuff

Why not start by showing some pictures of your nipples on EP? You could post some photos with your face blurred or cropped out, and I bet you would get some real appreciation.

I have been encouraging my wife to show her nips accidently also. You may wish to try some of the following ideas. .

Low cut, loose fitting top, braless. One that doesn’t reveal anything unless you allow it by leaning forward if/when someone is in position to see. Try picking something up that is on a low shelf while shopping or tending to child or pet, etc.

Tiny bathing suit top that can be adjusted to barely cover your nips. While tanning your back, then as you turn over to tan your front, rub your boobs on your towel as you turn over just enough to pop a nipple out of your bra top. Nothing sexier than a nip peaking out of a bathing suit.

Lots of opportunities on the beach. Let a wave pull your top down while frolicking in ocean. Then take your time fixing your top because you are busy wiping the salt water from you eyes.

Lots of opportunities at a water slide park.

Sleeveless top with large armholes allows those in the right position to see when you move your arms in the right way.

If you get brave enough you could start wearing see-thru tops. Perhaps with a jacket at first (if too shy) and if jacket is unbottoned as you move and go on about your business you may display a see-thru blouse covered breast.

Beach accidents are probably the safest and easiest. For the benefit of voyeurs as well as a great turn-on for you, please try some of the above and experiment with other senarios. Let us know how you did and plse post some photos if you can.

Good luck.........

thank you for giving so many good ideas. i will try.

Goodluck........and let us know how it goes.

Let us know when you do. Another option is to wear a shelf-bra. You'll feel sexy, which will make your nipples hard, which will show because ... oh, I think you get the idea.

Let me say 'thank you' for all the lucky guys whose day you're going to make!