Bra-less On A Cold Night

When I get home from work the first thing that comes off is my bra. I just feel more comfortable that way, but I know I would get a lot of stares if I went bra-less in public.   
On a recent cold night a friend wanted to know how cold it was so I sent him this picture.  I think I scared him.

quietgirlp quietgirlp
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8 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I might just lose control and run over and start chewing on those monumental beauties. You need to share those a little bit!

Nice picture

It wouldnt scare me!
I would truly encourage you to go bra free ALL the time!
Those that are scared can look away! Being free is the best there is!

WOW Love your weather forcasting. Like to send you a similar pic you might enjoy

nice add me pls

You should definitely consider going put without a bra and just let the people enjoy those breasts! You would probably enjoy it!

Not scary very sexy! Tease us all some more !

Very nice