Flashing Truck Drivers (pic)

I sometimes wonder how often truck drivers get flashed. Do they always enjoy it?
It was my friend's birthday and she likes to spend it in Vegas every year.  This year a group of us girls piled into Ken's Explorer and we headed on our way.  It was a weekday and we were passing numerous trucks along the I-15.  My friend, who is as well endowed as I am, asks if I've ever flashed a trucker before.  I say no so she insists we do it.  As we come up alongside each truck we look at the driver to see if he is paying attention.  About the fourth truck we see a possibility and we ask Ken to slow down and pace him.  We sure got his attention!  He swerved a bit, smiled and honked his horn in appreciation.  We all giggled and sped off.
Here is a picture that one of the girls snapped of me as I was rolling down the window. 
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Wow, Playing with your breasts would be something special

You are a good girl.

My wife does that sometimes on long trips and I love it!

Nice ****

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... but thanks for bringing it back!

Well it didn't actually happen in Vegas... it was on the way there! Doesn't count right? ;-)

As a truck driver I would love for you to pull up alongside me and flash

Nice pic! Did you get turned on when he saw you flashing him? What did you do about it? ;)

In the uk I rarely get flashed at :(

Well that's no fun. :(

I know :( nice photo by the way ;) if u ever need a hand or two with those let me know

not often enough and i always looking at a lady showing me her **** or more

wowo nice pic

I get flashed about 4 times a year by women, probably see twice that in me jacking off.
I run out of the Va Beach area so I might get more flashes than drivers who are not in a vacation area most of the time they are on the road.

I don't get flashed as much as I use to but I still love it when I do

dont get flashed often enough but you can flash me any day

Great story and wonderful pic to back it up!

I let my wife pleasure those poor truckdrivers as well ;)

As in **** them? Like at rest areas? If that is the case, some pictures of your wife servicing america's trucking fleet would be very welcome!

SEXY ! wish i was the truck driver

To answer your question, I'm a driver and never get flashed.
I sure would enjoy it though. You listening ladies?

It's for your own safety. We don't want you to crash. :o)

One must take some risks in life Michelle. Help the guy out. Or maybe provide some of that tlc that Herwigskenuno's wife is providing.

Thanks for thinking about me. I could always just pull over for the show.;)

Awesome!!! Will you do it again?


ok, keep us posted! have fun! :o)

i dont get flashed often enough