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I don't have the largest breasts, but I love showing my nipples.

I have very perky breasts, so I often go braless. Oftentimes my nipples will peak thru my shirts. Sometimes I like to wear flimsy shirts, no bra, and letting my perfect erect nipples peek thru.

I do believe going braless is very liberating.

honeybunch honeybunch 22-25, F 54 Responses Jan 25, 2009

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Sounds hott would love to see them:)

I feel ya girlfriend

sounds heavenly please add honeybunch!

Good for you!!! :-)

OK honeybunch, if you ever get back to EP please add me, I luv small perky things and would be happy to see yours, I'm sure they are perfect!

This sounds great. Thanks from all the people who are lucky enough to see you!

nipple watching, one of my favorite pass times.....I'd be more than happy to look at them.

Don't let me stop you. I have only been lucky enough ONCE to see perfect nipples walking through the shop. I'm sure I must walk around with my eyes closed based on the stories I read in here.

Love your Good Attitude Honeybunch. Wow I sure wish I could run into you sometime.

One word says it all, " Yummy".

It frees me to hear about it. Succulent.

Share a pic, I would love to see that

Very lovely, it makes me so happy when I see this!

Trust me. It's not the boobs it the lady with them. Bigger is not better. Little and perky don't sag. :-) If you like nipple play trust me you are going to be very wanted by the person lucky enough to experience pleasure with you.

Honeybunch, I so love your Good Attitude. Would love to chat/get acquainted. Add me? Thanks!

Very liberating

U like having fun...lols...

i like to see that.....

would love to meet you.

You, and those like you are God's little gifts to the rest of us. Thank you for sharing (your story, and your nipples!).

And on behalf of males everywhere, we love what you do to us!

That's sexy!

There is nothing better in the world than sneaking a glance at smaller perky boobs with nipples showing. I wish you were near me.

You are a great gift to people that luuuuuuuuuuuuv nipples. Thank you

i am a woman and i like to see hard nipples peeking through. it looks so hot. i also have chocolate nipples and they show through nicely when i wear thin white shirts.

i lovve big chocolate nipples...mmmmmmmm id love to peek at yours

Ahhh I wish more women were like you! We love when you show off your breast!! Thank you! Friend me so I can see too! Lol

my nipples look like two big vainey *****! i NEED someone to suck them til they are rock hard. I am also lactating so you can get a nice tall glass of milk. ;)


I d love nothing more than to suck on another womans lactating nipples as she suck on my mound

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! It is a wonderful gift. You sound like someone who dresses tastefully, fashion forward, sexy, and hot! Wow....

I love seeing sexy and confident women do this. There is just something so enjoyable and sensual about seeing a woman move through life so easily, knowing that her body is being admired. This is a hard feeling to describe, a complex mixture of sensuality, intimacy, and sexuality, all the while being perfectly natural and non-sexual at the same time. Whatever it is. I love it!

I love a perky set of nipples regardless of the boob size. They can always be pleased and brought to attention.