Shelf bras are the best!
They offer support while revealing all ;) xxx
ritu52 ritu52
56-60, F
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They are absolutely gorgeous . Id suck they all day long ;)

Add me pls

Add me pls

just how much do you reveal?

add me too plsss!!!

Agree with you. they are surely the best. I just always try and make sure my tops are not sheer when i wear them. I simply love wearing them.

The would is a better place knowing women like you and ritu62 wear these wonderful sexy bras!!! Thank you! ;-))

Lols..I'm sure it would make you even happier to know there are many more women who love wearing the shelf bra, and you are yet to know.. ;)

The smiles are attentiveness are the treats..aren't they...

Thank you! and Bless you ... I love that look

I wish more women would wear them all the time .. They are VERY sexy!!

Hmmmmm hot and I love your style!

they are so erotic and sexy. I love how a woman's breasts can wiggle and jiggle and be supported and still be seen. God its sexy

You are so right, the ONLY bra my wife will ever put on!

Would love to see ;)

I love them too!

Shelf bra?? Is that just the underwire with no cup?

Yep with tiny cups which cover just about 20 percent

Can I see your nipples

I like how you think.

Are you really in that age range with a body like that! ?

Yep N thanks

Wow wow! May I be your friend? :-D

I just love seeing nipples poking through shirts, and I know shelf bras are good for this.

Love to see u in such a bra. Like to be friends. I have some stories u might enjoy.

I love boobs and big nipples! They are my favorite aspect of a woman be hind beautiful eyes!!! They are so delicious!!!

Mmmm. Friends?? :)

Love the expression on the men's face when they look at it.


They sure do!


Let's see some of that

I enjoy getting a woman off on nipple play