More Cleavage Than Nipples

but hell, you know you love it!

goldwaffles goldwaffles
18-21, F
14 Responses Mar 23, 2009

the picture isnt showing up anymore, do you still have it posted?

I certainly do!

OMG! GREAT breasts! They are perfect - size, shape, perky, great nipples! More, more, please more???

GW, You have lovley breasts and you nipples are to die for. Keep showing them and keep feeling sexy about it. We both live in the same area and I fanisize about running into to you i public and seeing you showing them off. Thanks for the sexy thoughts.

awesome because i'm EPing Braless

Show them every chance you get

MMMM........ they look delicious... yummmmy....<br />
wish I can rub them with honey and lick it off from them...<br />
and gently press them and suck them for loooong time<br />
nice shape.. I can imagine how sexy they must be when braless in a thsirt :P

very nice...if its a handful or more...its alright with me...and thats quite a handful...thank u for sharing babe....u made my day..

Very nice...

Nice! Thank you.

thank you yes im just a 36A, but i think they are growing...awesome nothing wrong with exploring your sexually

Goldwaffles, was that really a picture of your chest? Aren't you afraid submitting an actual picture of your body on the internet?...That being said, are you sure you are just an A cup. Your breasts seem bigger, and they look very tantalizing, actually. I have a bf, but often fantasize about women and have never done anything about it, besides what I write about on EP. SO absolutely, thank you for the visual. :]

sorry but they are tiny but still growing, they are only 36A

I love seeing your nipples. I love seeing your entire breasts. They are nicely shaped and I wish I could suck on your nipples.