Like to Show My Goods

I don’t go braless very often in town. I don’t feel comfortable showing my pokies to my neighbors. I do love it when Jim takes me shopping out of town or overnight for some adult fun.

We recently went to San Antonio on one of Jim’s business meetings.  We stayed at a very swank hotel on the river walk.  It was warm so I wore some short short shorts.  The bottoms of my buns were hanging out and a tank top with no bra, I don’t take one when we go out of town.

 I love going into the shops and trying on clothes.  Anything Jim wants me to try on for him.  At one shop they had a very see thru blouse that Jim wanted me to try on for him. I readily agreed and hoped he would ask me to wear it when we left the shop.  The effect it had on my nipples was astounding.  They got really hard before I went out into the shop.   I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked really hot.  Jim was very approving and told the clerk waiting on us to clip the tags as I would wear it out of the store.  We left the shop with me showing my nipples to everyone.  I loved the stares and attention I got and the feeling of the thin material rubbng on my nipples.

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You are a sexy girl. Let's go shopping.

wish I was there to stare and see your beauty.

mmmmmmm damn what a sight

So hot.

I bet the attention is fabulous!

Trying on clothes can be an adventure in itself. Many times I've been seen naked through a curtain that wasn't closed all the way. I suppose women could show off with a poorly fitting top or skirt. Have your shopping trips ever ventured into playing in and around the dressing room?

That's one of my fantasies, the dressing room voyeur! Would love to see someone's wife trying on a hot outfit, knowing that I was watching her and getting hard!

Very nice.


Very sexy!

hot damn.............

So sexy...

add me pls

If they like the blouse, they love the boobs showing too. lol

When I show them, they get hard as well. Very sensitive. Jim loves it. lol

Show them baby...get us hard and excited!

Awesome story, I would have been rock hard watching you in that outfit.

you could come see me any time, and please don't forget, i live out of your town so leave those bras at home! i would for a woman who don't mind to go braless to come visit me. that would make my year. <br />
<br />
do you have any pics of you in that top?

you could come see me any time, and please don't forget, i live out of your town so leave those bras at home! i would for a woman who don't mind to go braless to come visit me. that would make my year. <br />
<br />
do you have any pics of you in that top?

Man that story got my attention. Three cheers for going bra- less.

add me please so i can see what you look like cause your story has got me very excited

You just made me melt.

Be proud of your nipples! I know of no manwho does not enjoy a nipple "show".<br />
If you want to flaunt them, then go right ahead !<br />
Negative comments are from bitchy jealous women who secretly wish they could do what you do.<br />
If a man complements you on your breasts and nipples, know that he is very happy to be looking at you.<br />
Enjoy the admiration!

Thanks for being a sexual person and sharing your story. I love seeing a woman's breasts and enjoy so called accidental nip slips and those obvious one's where they look to see how you enjoyed it. I don't know why the no bra look went out of fashion. Please add me to your circle.<br />
<br />

very arousing story!! sounds like you had fun.

Great pic! Would love to be added to your circle! My wife too is usually shy about showing off her nipples but it's arousing when she does!

I do like the looks I get from men and other women. Surprisingly many women will comment on how much they like my blouse.

I very much approve of you and all women wearing see through blouses. While I love braless breasts, sometime, a sheer bra and a blouse unbuttoned most of the way can be even sexier. I especially like to see my wife in 1/4 cup bras that cover only up to the nipple leaving it totally exposed. I'm getting horny just thinking about how it looks on her.

a great story of inspiration and gratitude to all who get a glimpse of your beauty..... thanks for sharing.... TP

Nice story, love women that love to show off

I know exactly how you feel. I also love to wear a see-through top with nothing underneath. The ex<x>pression on people's faces when they realise that they have just seen my boobs is priceless. I love the feeling of something soft and see-through on my nipples. Yummy!!!

It could have been. lol

There's just something about a hotel room is a far away city that brings out the flirt in all of us. I was on the Riverwalk last winter when I saw a couple having sex while standing in the window of their hotel. Her back and *** were pressed against the glass as he entered her. Please tell me that was you.

Great story! That feeling is certainly erotic...the feel of the material and the stares and admiration. Love it!!!

Sounds like we all enjoy your courage to shows us you lovely body! Thanks for making the world a nicer place to live and add to the beauty of it all.

I am so glad you approve. I do feel very hot when I dress sexy in public.

wonderful fun and adventure<br />
<br />
always good to get away some times

As well you should enjoy are DEVESTATINGLY erotic, and leave an electric charge in your wake when you show off! This post is severly hampered by lack of pics by the way :)