Showing Off Large Penis.

I have never shown off without being asked to. I'm pretty sure that isn't legal haha and besides, women never seem to care about our penises as much as we seem to want them to. BUT ... I'm very well endowed (9 inches long when fully erect) and here's one of my stories:

I was a freshman in highschool and was up at the pencil sharpener before French class had started ... just so I can be ready to take notes ... you know how that goes. Anywways, I'm sharpening the pencil and its about a minute or two before class is supposed to start and the teacher han't come in yet. So of course the class is a little bit rowdy, hanging out, talking, whatever. This girl (i was friends with her twin sister) totally shanked me in front of the class, boxers and all! I was obviously embarassed. The whole class is laughing and I turn around to hide my penis from their view trying to pull my pants up only my belt was obviously still fastened and I couldn't get my pants over my crotch fast enough. Of course, as I'm struggling to get my pants back up over my penis, the teacher walks in.

So the class is looking at this scene and everyone is basically rolling on the floor laughing so hard. The teacher opens the door, sees me pulling up my pants getting stuck under my **** and just stares like totally shocked at my crotch and all I can say was, "I'm not a pervert! I just got pantsed! I'm sorry im sorry im sorry. So i turn around so she isn't staring and at this point I'm just facing the class and just as I finally get my belt loosened and pants up I heard one of the girls in the back say "holy ****!" Then I take my pencil out of the sharpener and sit down totally mortified. I once more apologized to the teacher and she just smiled like nothing happened and said "just try not to do that again." I didn't have a hard on or anything I think I was just too embarrassed. But afterwards I got really aroused by all the girls and even the teacher looking at my penis. I never did anything about it , I still wouldnt even loose my virginity until the next year but ... I never had to worry about getting a date to the winter formal or the homecoming dance or whatever after that.

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May 27, 2011