******* In Front Of The Construction Crew

Earlier this summer we were having 100 degree plus days. Even at night it was still 95 to 98. I have a job that requires me to be outside at least part of the time. I always go commando, usually wear jean shorts or grey gym shorts (the kind that are kind of thin and have the drawstring waist), and ditch my shirt whenever I can. So one afternoon I had finished up my work and was headed home. I usually stop at this little country store for a six pack and something to eat for that night. I was wearing jean shorts, work boots, and had left my shirt in the truck. As I pulled into the parking space at the store, a truck load of construction guys pulled up beside me. They too had all the windows down, were wearing rough work boots and were shirtless from the heat. They followed me in and headed for the beer cooler. Just thinking about the beer made me have to ****. So I headed for the men's room at the back of the store. It was a small toilet-only bathroom, obviously designed for only one man at a time. The lock didn't work on the door, and it really was hard to shut, so I just pushed it closed without shutting it all the way. I haul out my commando schlong and start a good heavy stream of ****. The way the toilet was positioned in the room made it so you had to almost face the door as you pissed. Just as I was about to finish the door slams open and in walks one of the shirtless construction workers. He looked very surprised, and mumbled "Sorry, man." I shook the dew off my lily, so to speak, and started to cram it back in my pants, as I say "No prob, I'm done." The guy just stood there waiting for me to finish. I took long enough putting my **** back in my shorts that he got an excellent view of my PA'd dickhead. As he's standing there one of the other guys pushes into the bathroom, kind of shoving him out the way. So now there's three of us in this 5 foot square bathroom. First guy walks over to the toilet, pulls out his **** and starts to ****. I walk towards the door as if I'm leaving. The second guy walks past me to the toilet. I backpedal and go to the sink to wash my hands. By this time second guy is actually also ******* in the toilet. Both these construction workers are sharing one toilet! I took a long time to wash my hands so I could see as much of the show as possible. One of the guys started to zip up, so I finished up with the sink and headed out. I was stoked that not only did I show my hot **** off to these two guys, but I got to see them in an intimate moment, also.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2012

Really hot story. I was on a road trip a couple of weekends ago and stopped at a small-town McDonald's to take a ****. The bathroom only had one urinal and a line out the door. Next to the urinal, there was a small wall but it only stuck out about 6 inches. Anybody standing in line could look over and see your **** while you pissed. If they were watching me, they would have seen I was getting hard thinking about it.<br />
When I moved away from the urinal to the sink, two guys walked up to the urinal together. I took my sweet *** time washing my hands watching them cross streams. When I went out of the bathroom and sat down with my friend for lunch, the two guys came out and sat with their parents. Even hotter knowing they were brothers.