Addicted To Showtime's "homeland" Series

I've been watching a Showtime series called "Homeland",,,and I'm hooked on it,,,the last episode had me dreaming all night about the finale,,,,

It's one of those shows that I just can't predict,,,and I love that,,,I love how Claire Dane acts in this fact all the actors are great,,and who ever
is writing this are spectacular,,,

tomorrow it the finale and I can't wait to see how it turns out,,,,to be honest I have no idea what's going to happen,,,,I'm so looking forward to the last showing,,,

Showtime has another series called "Shameless", also another fine series,,,,it has it all,,,love, hate, funny, sad, sex, etc,,,,wonderful writers,,,and acting is superb,,,,

oh well that's my view on these two Showtime series,,,,
AllegorieBootlair AllegorieBootlair 51-55, M Dec 18, 2011

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