Shrimp Is the Best!

I just love shrimp. It is my favorite seafood. I don"t care how it's cooked. My absolute favorite is coconut shrimp! I love the scenes in Forrest Gump where the guy runs down the thousands of ways you can prepare shrimp! If i knew I was going to die tomorrow, all I'd  eat is shrimp! Yum!

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18 Responses Feb 13, 2009

LOLOL No perfume, Remember, I have asthma. It has to be naturally clean smelling. Hahahaha!!!!

I love Lobster too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLB grabs a cologne bottle

Sure I will/ long as it doesn't smell bad! LOL

hmmmmmmmmm will you lick me if I turn into a huge shrimp??? .........smiles

Futures, like shrimp bellies? LOL<br />
<br />
I'll be there. Send directions! I'll make a nice shrimp soup to help you feel better.......

It's o.k. I bought all the future stocks in shrimp so from now on they will be delivered to my house...:-P

Mrs Woo sent me a message and told me to lay off the shrimp, it's bad for us! ;-)

awwwwwww what's a litle eating between friends???............smiles

Hahaha Purelight! that's hysterical! I'd love to see that one. I'd say I'll eat you but.........................Nah! LOLOL

If I could I would turn into a huge shrimp and lick myself constantly............. smiles

Well, swilling beer and eating oysters is where its at. Give it a try!

Ahh well maybe thats my problem! I dont drink beer!

Oysters.........Man they are so good with a pitcher of beer!<br />
We can eat dozens of them. Usually when we're on vacation.

Mine too :) I love all the little connections - like teaching Elvis how to dance or stepping in the dog poo and inventing the saying '**** happens' hehehe<br />
<br />
Squid is ok if cooked right - cooked wrong and its chewy and tough and horrible!<br />
Sushi is good - the raw fish, sashimi, is really tasty - salmon, or tuna usually - if its fresh its good! <br />
The only seafood Im not so keen on is oysters - the taste is ok but the texture is too gross for me!

Any seafood but squid.......... oh and sushi. I don't do sushi.<br />
I laugh just thinking about him running down that never ending list of things you can make with shrimp! LOL<br />
Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies.

I love that scene from Forest Gump!<br />
I also love shrimp, and all seafood :D YUM

shrimp is my favorite. ---anyway