I Love Em!

I do prefer acid because on shrooms I want to hide from the world and just watch things, my husband always laughs at me because il be on the couch covered in a blanket up to my eyes just giggling, but the last time I decided I was going to go out! we ended up going to see the hunger games.I did not no what I was in for first we were late an it was hell getting up them stairs an finding a seat i was touching people on accident just tring to feel for a seat and if you have seen the movie you know how crazy the makeup is an I LOL'ed the HOLE time my friends were so embarressed but i was having a blast yet a little scared like when the cracker jackers came flying around the blond chick the hole time i was like pushing back making sure they werent going to get me. Getting out was hell to people behind me an im doing putting a foot down picking it back up over an over tring to make sure the stairs are really there. but overall it was a blast.
Zoie420 Zoie420
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I haven't done shrooms in a long time but wow, what a high it was! A little smoke before eating them...Perfect