I had a kitty, his name was Simon. I obtained this little being when I was 7 years old. I grew up on a farm about 9 miles out in the country, and one day I was playing outside found this wonderful creature hiding behind my bike in the garage.  Simon wasn't just your average Siamese cat. You know, animals all have different faces, and I swear to you, this cat could have been a model.  I took him inside and my mom told me I couldn't keep him. so I didnt argue and took him outside and played with him all day.  Most Siamese cats are so temperamental, but this kitty was just AMAZING! Later on, my mom talked to my step-father, and he agreed that I should be able to keep that cat, we'd just try him outside for a little while. I didnt like the idea, so I made a litter box outside and lucky for me, he really did use it, even outside. This indicated he could handle being inside, and for 13 years, that is where he stayed. My brother was insistent that we name him Cyber, and I thought it was retarded. My mom said *Simon* and that was what he was deemed. We took him to the vet to get him checked out and the vet said he was somewhere around 2 years old.  He was always so chill, he played, but he wasn't uptight like the normal Siamese. Two years after we adopted him, we then adopted another, a female snowshoe Siamese that my mother named *Baby*. She was beautiful, but she just wasnt as kind as Simon. This one didnt like to be touched unless SHE intiated it. She and simon were in love. They were both fixed, so there were no babies, but you would never believe some of the weird positions I found those two in on a regular basis. These cats could not live without each other. When Baby was adopted into the family, she was just a kitten, and Simon wasnt so sure of her. I can still remember her making the funniest sounds in the backseat chewing up a *Wendys* chicken nugget on the car ride home from her birthplace. When I had my first child, Simon and Baby would both crawl into his bassinet and one would secure him on one side, and one on the other side. I did watch with caution the first few times, because you know they say you arent supposed to let a cat into a newborn's room. They did nothing that was naughty or detrimental to Gavin's health.

 Simon died a short time later, my mama said he wandered off. I later found out that wasnt the case, she just didnt want to break it to me that he was gone. He had crawled under the recliner and fell asleep one night. Forever. His beautiful wife lasted only 2 years longer than he did, and died of a broken heart (we assume, her health was great...)

I long for the day that I find a Siamese kitty with the same disposition as this one did. It's been 5 years, and I'm still searching.

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I came across this website because my son and I just adopted a new Siamese kitten last week and I was looking up info. I saw your story and it touched my heart because the name we chose for our little boy Siamese is Simon! I hope you find a new kitty to love soon, I found ours by putting a "wanted, Siamese kitten" ad on Craigslist. It might work for you too...good luck, and thank you for sharing your touching story with us!

I have owned multiple Siamese over the years, waiting will only deprive you of some great loving animals in your life. No matter how many you have, no two will ever be the same in exact personality, but they are true to their characteristics across the breed.

Very touching thank you for sharing.