My Boys

my oldest is 9. he is very much a momma's boy and loves to snuggle and cuddle. he is a giant sibe and most people don't even think he is one. but, he is. we were given papers on him and everything. i couldn't care less if he was or not though. i was told a dog was going to the spca if someone did not adopt him and i wanted to get another dog at the time anyways. so home he came with me.

a few years later, i wanted a companion of him and i did some research and found a sibe rescue. i wanted a red and white female and they had one that was gorgeous. so we drove the three hours to the rescue to meet her. she did not get along with my 9 year old at all. he wanted nothing to do with her. as the lady who ran the place was putting her away, a black and white male with a clouded right eye sneaked out and they immediately started to play and have fun. he was severely neglected as a puppy. the tips of his ears had been bitten repeatedly by blood flies and lost all use of one eye due to an untreated eye infection. he came home with us that night. he is now my wild child. he is a free spirit and i adore him for it, although it can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

the two of them together have got me completely trained. they seduce and charm me into doing whatever they want. i like to believe i am a strict mom but, when they start using that jedi puppy mind trick on me, it's all over. haha

i love these boys so much. they bring so much joy to my life. i don't see how anyone could ever give them up or neglect them. oh well, their lose, my gain...and what a wonderful gain it has been.
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Man's or in this case Woman's best friend.