Silence Can Be Golden

I have a cousin who is deaf, and  I loved to try to finger spell to her when we were kids. It made me feel important, and made her feel less left out. But the real love for signing came when I was doing ABA therapy. Most of my kids with Autism were nonverbal, and we always did sign first. (I could go into the research of the advantages of signing over picture exchange, but that's another story entirely...)

I learned to sign with my kids. Basic things, harder things. Became somewhat fluent in rudimentary ASL.

My husband's mom was an interpreter for the deaf at their church, so my husband knew sign language before we got married.

We have found this to be a very good thing over the years.

So many situations where words are not appropriate, and signing fills in those gaps. When we're on the phone. When we're trying to communicate something from across a room. When someone else is speaking...

A discreet conversation takes place with our hands, and no one is the wiser. Now the signing is rubbing off onto our kids. Someone gives them a present, and a understated "thank you" sign and a meaningful look reminds the child to thank the giver. Signing "later" or "wait" has headed off tantrums in the past.

It's something that I learned, but never knew I'd use it as much as I have. And I don't realize how much I do use it until I'm around someone who doesn't. :-)

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*signs "thank you"*

jellibeanz - yes ma'am! They like it a lot. My little guy even makes up signs for things sometimes when he's not sure of how to say it correctly. It's really cute. <br />
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Amy - "Silence talks too". Exactly.

silence talks too.<br />
nice story.

What a great story! I love the way you describe the silent comments to your children -- must be cool for them too, like knowing a secret spy code :)

Awwww :-) *grabs Sylph in a huge bear hug* And you as well. *happy thoughts for new friends :)*

I would... probably end of summer or fall... *mental note: must check college schedule*...<br />
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Thanks, Glowy... it is not just your story that is inspiring... YOU are!... *hugs*...

Oh, you so should do it!!! It's a lot of fun, and can be a really helpful thing to know. The basics are so widespread, people sometimes forget that it's an actual language. :-)

This is a cool story... and very inspiring. The local college here offers sign language courses and the college head, my advisor, would often contact me to join the courses. maybe it's high time I say yes.<br />
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Thanks, Glowy... you may hold the key for me learning this. *hugs*...

I'd like to see your conductor's podium. Must be tall...

I use it to lead the Orchestra , They don't call you maestro for nothing hehehehehehe

Smuggles - your tail works in your advantage. :-)<br />
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Had to for work Scooby.

Yeah, smokin'. I always wanted to learn sign but never did. :-/ I admire that you did Glow

sits in awe silently!

Smokin avatar, Des...I didn't recognize you...