Oh My Favorite Town...

Everyday I regret not playing or having the chance to play Silent Hill Downpour. The game has influenced me so much and I can honestly say that one of my favorite Youtubers The Rad Brad deserves a high five for "showing" me how awesome Downpour is. But unfortunately when I did some research on reviews for it, I saw some pretty bad stuff. Most of the worst reviews came from loyal fans who where there from the start. They seemed to blame it on Konami, the makers of Downpour, saying how it "didn't feel like the previous games" because the original makers of Silent Hill 1-7 didn't make Downpour. I still love Downpour and it is on my personal list of favorite games. The atmosphere pulls me in, and I almost feel anxious waiting for some enemy to mug me out in the open streets. Oh Downpour, I love you~
minecrafter4343 minecrafter4343
13-15, T
Apr 27, 2013