I Love Silent Hill

I really like Silent hill the Room. I think it was the creepyist. The new shattered memories was kinda boring in the beginning i did like the fact you could choose your own story line. but I miss the blood and the rusted metal. It was cool how you could take photos of memories but i hated the contant uming sound when ever you got close to one. i like the room because he was locked inside his own apartment. I hate the ghost in that one though you can't kill them.... you can only pin them down with a sword. I had nightmares about some of it but I liked it all the same. I liked how it was so creepy. Homecoming had an awesome plot I think. And I loved the movie. how pyramid head ripped that girls skin off was priceless haha. awesome. 

IronHeart IronHeart
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

That moment in The Room where


James breaks the back wall of his appartment and comes face to face with Walter Sullivan's body is up there with the scariest gaming experiences of the series