Silk Or Satin

After a long day at work i can't wait to get home and slip into sometihing silk or satin. All my robes, nighties, chemises or gowns are all satin or silk. I have them in black, red, asian print.. I love how it feels next to my skin as it caresses my body,. I feel wonderful wearing it. Forgot flannel or cotton!
seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime
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9 Responses Feb 19, 2012

I am exactly the same, silk and satin all the way! my bottom draw is full of nighties, gowns, knickers.. all made of silky satin. I'm wearing my long red silky gown right now with a browny coloured robe on top, keeping me warm also in satin. it feels so good!

I totally agree!

If u have any panties u want to sell or give away I need some please and thank u

my kind of woman! thats how i like her!

Your my woman! lol.

I'd love to give you a massage before you slip into your finery ;)

Have to say, bet it feels pretty fantastic from the outside as well...very sexy caressing your soft sexy bits. Makes me wish I was silk or satin ;-)

Im not a big fan of cotton or flannel !

I would have to agree with you.... silk or satin is the way to go, I do not care for cotton or flannel either