Wear Satin Every Day!!!

I adore satin and I wear it everyday, Satin skirts, blouses, satin dresses, satin panties and slips! So so so lovely if your going to dress fem then dress in satin.
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You are so right satin makes me weak!

I can feel the touch already!

I totally agree satin material is a major part of dressing feminine. I especially have a weakness for satin blouses. I love such with puffy long sleeves and a long ***** bow. When I see a lady wearing a blouse such as that it makes me weak in the knees with sexual desire for the blouse.

feels so goooood

I wish more women did.

I agree! I love dressing in all things satin, skirts, dresses, gowns. I love to dress fully nylons heels makeup. all things feminine.

Gorgeous..I agree there is nothing more sensual than wearing satin clothing- blouses, skirts etc- with satin slips, panties, sheer stockings etc underneath. The layers of satin sliding together are so erotic. Do you have many satin items- would love to hear about them? I like to wear close-fitting satin skirts and a blouse, but also a full satin skirt over layers of rustling petticoats....making them swish as I walk about or kneel in front of the mirror to lift them up to reveal...well I'll leave that to your imagination for now, although "stiff" and "bulge" would be appropriate words..