Satin Fetish Marriage

Hello to all of you satin loving people out there like us.
My husband and I love making satin fetish sex and we film it and have our own store if you are interested in cummming inside and taking a peek at we i can offer you please dont be a stranger.
I really want your advice and requests so please any thing that you like or want to see write to me...ok.

xxx satinfun wife.

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satinfunmarriage satinfunmarriage
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7 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I would love to see the two of you in stunning satin wedding dresses kissing and being enraptured by each other's beauty.

can we talk about it?

Lucky you ! I cannot seem to find a companion who will even try to get into my fantasy.... so, maybe you could do a video....ironing a silk (something)... noticing you are ironing something silk..your hubby joins you at the ironing take some of the silk (gown?) and begin to stroke him with it as you continue ironing.... he puts his hand on the iron with yours, and stops the irons' movement..... you begin to protest a little, but notice he is REALLY excited, watching the iron...just sitting on your silk.... you figure it out...... and ask him.."do you want me to burn this?" He smiles...... you give him your "you are so wicked" look, and turn the iron up....all the way, and turn off the steam..... you keep stroking him, until he is about to ***... and then lift the iron, to show him the burned silk beneath the iron...and as he does climax, you direct his *** over the still burning silk....watching as it stains the still smoking gown..... That I would pay to have as a video.....

Hi Satinfunmarriage, I love silky fun it feels so good. I'm going to this site , hope that it's your store. I really would like to take a look around , I might find something I like.

i do love satin and silk nighties and making love with it.Can you share your story please?i really admired your satin fetish.

I am looking to buy panties

I also love the feel of silks, & satins. I would like to see you and your husband all dressed up in some of your sexy silky lingerie, I'll show you some of mine for some of yours. Oh wear is your store, do you have address. I'd like to see what's in your store.