Silk And Satin

There is nothing more sensual than silk and satin layers under a dress or skirt. I always wear satin french knickers and cami with a waist slip . Most times i wear this al under a satin full slip

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sure, wonderfull feeling , I will use silkskirts silkyblouse. I love it to wear . I love silkskirts to wear always. I am a Man.

Yes it is a wonderful feeling, I wear SILK FRENCH KNICKERS,matching CAMISOLE and half SILK SLIP.<br />
I love the feeling against my thighs.

I love the feel of nylon Tricot and bridal satin. While I do wear it some times, I have found that cotton slips and panties are best when dressing in my fantasy play as a 12/13 year-old girl in 1962/63. Multiple cotton petticoats under my waist dresses and skirts are cool too! I have gone through the "pleasurable silky" phase of my crossdressing and have found my place in 1963 pre-teen life. I haven't come across anyone else, yet, that shares my "early sixties period" fantasy play. Perhaps this site will reveal others to me. Hugs...

My, how I'd like to meet you and see just how wonderful you would feel 'all under'.