Better Than Gold.

I don't really see what the big deal about gold is. I love silver. It looks great with any hair or skin color, while gold looks kinda bland with certain hair/skin colors. It looks much better with gems in it than gold does, and I love the way it shines. :) Silver is just a really awesome, beautiful metal, and it goes with anything from sweats to formalwear.

Almost all my jewelry is silver, or at least silvery in color. I'll even buy cheap fake silver before gold or bronze or any other color.

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lordsloth, I like the silver color, whatever metal it is. Although....i don't really see the point to paying so much more for a metal that doesn't look much different. Same with platinum and titanium. Stainless steel too. I don't care if the earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, whatever cost $5 or $5 million. I'm the same with gemstones too. I don't care if it's a diamond, cubic zirconium, or even a piece of glass.<br />
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My favorite piece of jewelry I own is actually a secondhand sterling silver necklace with a small "aquamarine" teardrop (blue glass) that my sister gave me for my fifteenth birthday. It cost her a whole $5. How much it cost or what it's made of doesn't matter to me, as long as whoever's giving it to me doesn't try to lie and tell me the stainless steel ring with a giant glass "diamond" is really a silver ring with a diamond. I'm not rich and I don't expect expensive gifts.

rainbow color.. try rainbow color.. i love rainbow color