A Tale Of Two Sissies.

Nathan and Danny were two boys, neighbors for the whole of their 9 year old lives. They had the same interests, the same everything.  They were the best of friends.

One day, Nathan decided they should play dress-up with his older sister Kayla's things.  Naturally, Danny jumped with excitement.

Well, Nathan was wearing Kayla's Ballet gear, a tutu, tights, slippers, and unitard, with a flower in his medium length hair.  Danny ended up in a pair of tight jeans, a blouse, and white sandals.

Kayla came home a bit early that day, walking in on Nathan and Danny.  Laughing, she decided they looked so cute.

Nathan and Danny were forced to take their shoes and socks off, while Kayla did their make-up, and painted their nails pink like hers.

Natalie and Danni stood in front of Kayla, embarrassed.  Kayla told them if they went outside to get the mail, she wouldn't tell their moms.

Naturally, they agree, but Kayla locked them out, laughing!

Eventually, Nathan's mother comes home, finding her new daughter.  As punishment for stealing Kayla's clothes, the two of them had to serve Kayla hand and foot.

Kayla, naturally, made her two servants paint her nails, rub her calloused ballerina feet, and feed her.

Natalie and Danni found out they enjoyed dressing in Kayla's clothes.  The two ended up saving their allowances to buy their own outfits, playing with Kayla's old dolls and stuffed animals.

All in all, the neighbors, and friends, began to understand what it was like to be sisters.  After they did, Natalie came to better understand Kayla, and the two became closer.

The End, of a Simple Story.
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A simple beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

two very lucky boys

Great story