Simple Minds Simple Memories. A Lesson In Tangential Digression

I grew up with them.Jim Kerr & Charles Burchill are about the only two original members left. Don't you forget about me is a particular favourite from the Breakfast Club. Then there was the album, Once Upon a Time. Sanctify Yourself just had this raw energy screaming out. There was a dance version and a 12" EP version And the slow march intro to Alive & Kicking still has me in shivers.

The album Sister Feelings Call; I have that in vinyl. Totally different feel. American-( track 1?) I can still just about make play in my head.

Waterfront, oh god that bass intro.The video was filmed at The Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow when there was still a steam chain ferry across the River Clyde, and a pub on each slipway. At low tide the punters could successfully lob bottles at each other.

In 1992 or so they played Meadowbank in Edinburgh. The Burundi Boys were a support act I think, and didn't turn up. ( Meadowbank Stadium incidently is the site of the old LNER St. Margarets depot, stable of some of Gresley's finest engines). I paid good money for a seat and was forced to sit or hardly move while the punters on the cheeper stadium track could jump about and really let loose. How I envied them.

I think the last album I got was Street Fighting Years. Completely unlike anything from Once Upon a Time and vaguely Sister Freedom-ish in an evolved sort of way. Belfast Child is a track I remember well.
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Simple Minds are STILL my very favorite! I love Street Fighting years