My Ode To Simple Minds

My ode to simple minds

Simple Minds, Never seen you live
But I know you got a loving vibe
Love songs; books of brilliant things
Tears to my eyes your music brings

But I want to hit you with my theory
Why you were suppressed: Definitely
biggest band in the world; should have been
but not in this world so distinctly Nazi

U2 supposedly have that mantle
I tell you one thing, that’s mental
Irish singing of bloody Sundays
As if it was just a normal day

The powers that be just couldn’t allow
a band with a soul to take the biggest bows
sanctifying yourself is not what they want
addicted to materialism and dog eat dog

and from your lyrics, got soul definitely
a band who cares for humanity
so you never had a shot at being number 1
the people who control the world
the music charts too, they thrive on GLUM

U2 were rubbish on the pyramid stage
I for 1 wished at home they stayed
The world lost out cos it wasn’t you
But they can’t take your spirit away from you

when I watch an act, tears in my eye
when I know any one loves the divine
only ever happened four other times
Don Mclean, Deacon Blue, Sigur Ros
Not forgetting Michael Jackson Lines

He knew about the evil control
That’s why he was smeared don’t you know
He never did the things they said
And the illuminate wanted him dead

Would love to write some lyrics for you
And you belong at Glastonbury too
Going to copy this to Michael Eavis
He knows that I have faith in abundance
So with some luck he just might read this

And best wishes for the Age of Aquarius
Learn to meditate and quieten the mind fuss
The Buddha said he who can quieten his mind
Then wisdom will naturally come all the time

And if you want a poet for warming up
I’m supporting Sigur Ros in march with luck
my fingers crossed for the pyrymid too
No one more deserving than YOU
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012