I Love and Miss the Simple Things.

It is no shocker to me that i am still IN love with my ex, but recently i started to remember the simple things he did for me, never with question, never with prompting, and despite missing him,  here are a few simple things he did that i miss;

He always took care of the garbage and recycling, I NEVER had to ask him, nor did i expect him to do this, he just ALWAYS did.

I fall a sleep with the television on, i like the background noise, even when we slept in different room, he ALWAYS (since he went to bed after me), would tip toe into my room and turn off the t.v.

He always did the lawn mowing and organized the garage, not because i asked him too, just because he did.

He always put the Christmas lights up and down from the house.

If i wasn't feeling well, he would ALWAYS bring home dinner for the kids so i wouldn't have to cook.

After i prepared dinner and everyone ate it, he would immediately do the dishes and he ALWAYS thanked me for making dinner. I would say don't worry about the dishes, I'll do them, he would say no, you made dinner the least i can do is clean it up.

He had a strong belief between NEEDS vs WANTS, he always made sure that we ALWAYS had what we NEEDED.

He took care of all the bills and did my taxes for me.

If he saw i was behind with a load of laundry, instead of telling me to get it done, he would simply do it.

He has never missed a child/teacher meeting, many fathers often can't make it to them, but he always made sure he was there.

He would always add gas to my car if he saw that it was low.

Now perhaps many husbands do all of this, i don't know, but the mere fact that i NEVER had to ask him to do them, NOW with him gone makes me realize what an exceptional man he is!!

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She sure does!!

So my wife actually does appreciate the little things I do? that's nice to know.