Little Things Add Up

Sometimes all it takes to totally change my mood is for someone to smile at me for no reason as we pass on the street or watch as a butterfly flutters past or hearing a song I like on the radio, or even just someone waiting that extra 2 seconds so they can hold the door for me instead of letting it close behind them when my hands are full. And even with dating... a guy/girl could plan out the perfect date for us with dinner, dancing, laying out under the stars, but the thing I end up remembering the most might be the smile they gave me when I answered the door. Everyone misses the little things cuz they're too busy looking at the big picture, but it's all the little things that combine to make the big picture.

KaBe22 KaBe22
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

hmmm....NJ doesn't seem so fun. Maybe it's cuz of the jealousy of NY :P<br />
<br />
But sometimes, in order to see the little things in your life, you need to put a little work in yourself. Smile at random strangers, hold the door open for others, say hi to someone as they walk past. If NJ really is as bad as you say, then there may not be much point. But I don't think it is. If you're smiling, then people will smile at you. If you're frowning or glaring at them, they're gonna look away and keep walking.

So true...<br />
Where I'm from (NJ) there are no smiles, no greetings, no politeness....<br />
all drab, gloom, and gray.... Holding a door open????? Ha!.... I'm lucky they dont lock it when they walk<br />
I dont like it at all.