We Should All Be Sincere

 in what we say and do ...  boldness i love because i would rather have the worst of criticism ..  than to be lied to about something i need to improve on no matter how incompetent it makes me feel ...  because its another stepping stone to growth .. with in reason though ..  if they have a very good argument ...  im not saying if someone approaches you and says oh you could stand to lose  some weight ..  and you are comfortable with yourself dont do it to appease them do it for yourself if you agree ... But i am all about self growth which im sure you all know  by now 
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1 Response May 3, 2007

I do believe in what is referred to as corrective criticism which sounds alot like what you have described. On the other hand I am not myself as bold or upfront with people as I should be because I am always affraid of hurting someones feelings you know? I know sometimes I am not doing a person any favors by sugar coating things but I am such a sensitive person. I do appreciate people who have outspoken and bold personalities though and I get along with them well. I have alot of friends like that but I wish I was a little more like that at times like your saying.