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Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in feb.11 ,1992 grand rapids, michigan is a american actor and if u know him u would be lucky because he is a asome person he never lets any one down and maybe had mustakes but cleans them he confurts people when they  need it he was raised as a roman catholic in hudsonville,michagan,and enttended james town Ellementry School. Then he moved to santa clarita area at age 11 he is also mostly dutch,french,and german all the shows he was on are shadow fury, the burnie mac show, my wife and kids, summer land,  cheaper by the dozen2 , danny phantom, duck dogers, shark boy and lava girl, scooby doo, love. inc. , he's a bully charlie brown, twilight , my own worst enemy, twilight saga, valentines day. isnt that alot his favorite fav food and color not sure but I think stake  and baby blue   laugh

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13-15, F
Jul 12, 2010