What Better Freedom?

It is an amazing feeling...

Driving in your car and a song comes one. It is one of those songs that speak to you. It vibrates your very soul.

Just roll down the windows. Let the car air out.Crank up the volume and song a song. :)

People will think you are crazy, but they'll think what they want to think anyways.
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3 Responses Jun 7, 2007

I say sing at the top of your lungs..who are the other drivers kidding they do it all the time too...<br />
I crank up my audioslave as soon as i get out of work... it keeps me sane and reminds me that simple joys is what life is really about

I sing in the car and dance ppl look at me weird I'm just in my own zone singing and bouncing away but hey why not especially if it's a song I really like or haven't heard in awhile

...anything by Evanescence!