I Am a Much Better Singer F...

I am a much better singer for all the singing in the car I've done over the years.  It's really great to belt out a tune in the car by yourself.  In recent years I've gotten in the habit of harmonizing with the main vocal line in a song.  Not singing exactly the same notes as the singer but singing notes of the same scale that fit in...it's really great practice for performance, learning to harmonize on many different scales. 

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4 Responses Jul 6, 2007

see that's when I would blow them a kiss... lol

*guilty nod*

I was totally going off one night on this pretty heavy rock song and I look over...there's 3 young black guys laughing their ***** off looking at me...I was embarrased but I realized how silly I must have looked, a really serious face and singing loud...I deserved it....

i do that as well, with my bestfriend. i find it invigorating. question, when you are belting, what do you do about the people from other cars that just cant seem to stop staring?