Singing Is Living

I really love singing.
Actually I haven't always loved it, and I didn't know I could do it when I was a tiny girl or anything, but I think I was about 11 or 12 when I first found out how much I liked it. Up untill then I just liked singing along to great music and listening to it.
I remember when me and brother were little kids (since babies even), when we were home alone with our dad we'd always listen to loud music in the livingroom, and we'd run around and dance or just sit and listen... He often played Alan Jackson, Gasolin, some Pink Floyd, old classics and real rock & roll. It's one of the best memories I have with my dad and my brother.
And I realised I must have it in my blood as well, my father always played classical guitar for us, he played to me before I was born. To this day I love the sound of him playing , and I know nothing better than when my boyfriend plays, it hardly matters what he plays, I just love it.

The first time I then tried singing for other people, was in my music class in.. I think 5th or 6th grade. It was just some song that we were all going to try and sing, and those that played instruments the best they did so... I sang with one or two other girls in my class. When we were finished my music teacher said it sounded good. He said I could sing. Then after a few more years, I wanted singing lessons, and I began singing in a church choir when I was 15. I learned everything I hadn't known really well up untill then, like how to breathe proberly and how to stand. I was 1. soprano and it was so amazing to be able to hit as high notes, I never thought I could do anything like that.
I had that job till I was about 18 - and now I know it gave alot ! I sometimes miss it, the sermons early in the mornings, you start the day by sining. In my second year of gymnasium I then found another choir in the city I went to school in. It was a much bigger church and a much bigger choir. I had a friend in my class, who said she worked there - and now and again she'd ask me to come see them sing. That was even more wonderful... These girls could -really- sing. Before I knew it, I was auditioning to get on waiting list for this choir. Christian (was the name of the organist) asked me to pick up the hymne-book and pick a hymne I wanted to sing for him. I picked an old one I always loved and then I started singing while he played. I was somewhat nervous but he said I was defenately a soprano and he'd write me up.
Barrely a month later there was a spot for me! I was so excited to start. I sang in this choir till it became to stressfull with school but I loved every second of it, we sang in latin, enlish, danish and we did seasonal concerts all the time. Alot of times there where also options of getting a solo part in some songs. That's when I started to realize that it-must- be the thruth that I could sing... It was nothing like singing Singstar at home (which I still love haha) it was almost magic.
Oh, I also had a rock band when I was 16/17 in 10th grade.. That was ALOT of fun as well, we did coversongs and everyone in the school knew who we were. We did little concerts at the school but also around the city and in the surounding towns at other schools. We ended up recording a CD of these songs, and it's still really fun to listen to it.

Now I'm 22, and since the choir jobs and the band I've been in school-musicals and just singing here at home in my little apartment.
There'll always be a part of me that wont let go of singing even if I only sing to myself or my nearest and dearest. I write lyrics and songs and I try to improve all the time, by recording what I create and listen to it. I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves to play guitar so he puts the chords on my songs when I've got the melody ( I can't play myself.. yet hehe ) I've gotten quite a few full songs by now, and they're not bad. If I don't write anything, me and boyfriend sing and play songs really often, we sing Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden and even Adele. Anything we feel like actually... There's not one day that passes where there's not music in my world, I think that's impossible.

It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I sing, it's something I know I will never stop doing, no matter where or how I will keep at it.

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Well, I don't have a band anymore, just myself but yeah =)

Your lucky that you get to sing in a band!

Aww thank you thank you! Barianangel, that was so sweet! That's a really nice compliment. Eep thanks! Keep singing <3 <br />
<br />

Aww thank you that was a sweet comment! I don't even think I was that young when I started, but I know one thing and it's that I will never ever stop singing! It doesn't even matter who listens ;) <br />
Thanks for reading my story =)