Singing On Youtube Changed My Life For The Better:)

hey u lot! im heather! :) & im 14 goin on 15 in september :) cant wait :) anyways im a singer on youtube i dont no if this really is a confesseion but it has made me a better person...i always used 2 be low and depressed well i still am really :/ i have a bad case of depression but ya no ill live...:i started singin at age 8 and i was always told i was good at it so a few months ago my friends told me to go on youtube so i did i have a few covers up on my youtube name is "hezbiz" yes a ****** stupid name becuz my old m8 made my account 4 me and gave me tht nickname :/ i wanted "heather xoxo" but no....she put tht on:/ so now im stuck with it & i can change it but tht means making a new account and stuff and i cba with tht plus i have 2 re upload all my vids n stuff so yh not gna do it...anyway i got told i was good so as i said i went on youtube and sand my channel has over 1000 veiws so far all made me a better person becuz now i feel better about my self becuz i no i might have a slight chance ov become famous example justin beiber was found on youtube and he is famous and rich and successfull & yes i no he has a lot ov haters and so do i but still every1 has sum1 who hates em no1s perfect....but now im on youtube i have actually got more friends than i used 2 have & i have followers on twitter only about 30 but still :/ im not as depressed now knowing i have made a slight change 2 the music not a very good singer really it depends on what song i do....but yh youtube over all made me a better person if you would lyk to check out my channel the link is:
and please please please comment rate subscibe i need subscribers!:/ lol & like the vids ect.......and please follow me on twitter @heatherporter2
ide love to no what u all think of my singing it wud b a gr8 help....i can take critisism but i dont take it well :/ ill admit im very sensitive :/ but still a bit never hurts cuz as i said every1 gets haters. anyways hope u lyk my vids and everythin....thankyou all so much for taking ur time 2 read this :) love u loads for it:) and if u wanna message me feel free to i love to chat but ide rather not give out personal info or anythin....thanks so much guys!!! :) heather:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo
heatherxoxo heatherxoxo
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2012