I really want to upload a video or piece of audio of me singing, but im not brave enough to put it on youtube incase a person i know finds it or i get hate idk..
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Post it on YouTube, and block comments, but leave the likes and dislikes column. If most people are liking it, allow comments again. There are always going to be haters in this world, so don't let them stop you.

If you can't stand a bit of criticism, your music won't go far. Post it. If you don't like what you are reading, take it down.

I feel you. I am in the same boat too. Do it when you feel the time is right.

Putting something out on the internet puts you in the spotlight. Whenever that happens, you'll always find someone who wants to "hate". It could be to cover up their own jealousy, or because they're too scared to do it themselves and project that in other ways. One thing you will have to learn is that it's up to you if you want to listen to haters.

You should do things that you enjoy for you, and don't be put off by others.

Amy, remember this when you sing, sing to express feelings, don't sing to impress

No matter what you do in life, you will always find negative people who will try to bring you down. It's important not to let them get to you. I have a youtube channel that I post videos to. I get tons of positive feedback, and then I get some REAL gems of hate too. lol. But I just laugh them off. I mean, if they hated it so much, why did they bother watching the video and then hanging around to comment on it? :P Silly people. If you love singing, then do it for your own fun. Post your own videos and enjoy the good side and ignore the idiots out there who just like to make noise to chase away the rattling of their own empty brains:P

upload to a site your friends don't use

You could make a new, separate youtube account just for your singing vids. I just leave the lense cap on when I video myself singing, but putting a picture or random graphics up are great suggestions, too.