For Many Reasons...from Praise To The Blues

I love singing; it's so cathartic. I'm a moderately talented singer and feel that my strength in singing lies in the emotion I pour into it rather than an extensive range or technical perfection.
Mostly I love to sing cover tunes: Nina Simone, Sade, Enya. When not pouring my heart out in gratitude to the Lord by praising him with my 'joyful noise', it's definitely all about the Blues, baby. ALL about the blues, especially and more than ever, right now.

What does it take to sing the Blues, you may ask?
For me it takes: 

  • a broken heart (check.)

  • an LBD (little black dress)...(got a few of 'em. check, check). 

  • a willing venue (just started looking. Auditions are free if not painless).

I'll update this later when I've got more to say about it.
afreimann afreimann
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I love 'dem blues. Now if only I were a 92-year-old black man from the South instead of a young white Yankee girl. :)

You've probably seen this before, but I came across this just the other day and it still makes me laugh: