You know, just a little place for people that love to break religious rules. I love being a sinner!!

But really. Why is the way I live my life affecting you? What's it to you that my skin's a different color? Who cares if I don't believe in the magical sky wizards you call God and Jesus? So what my best mates like the same sex or my mother lost her virginity before marriage? Yeah, I smoke pot. I have tattoos. Hell, I'll just throw it out there; I even play with my own lady muffin! Some of these are things that can't be helped and others are just choices that don't involve you. With that being said, I love the choices I've made and don't have a single regret. So, uh... yeah. I DO love sinnging. ;)
AlistairTheGrey AlistairTheGrey
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014