Ever Since Middle School.

I have been listening to them ever since middle school. That was back when MTV actually played all the good new music that they weren't playing on the radio. I probably found out about them from an MTV video. I was recently watching some of their old videos on YouTube and I still love the music but Siouxsie sure is one awful dancer! :P
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I've been a fan since 15. Well actually when I was a kid I saw the video for spellbound and don't remember how I felt about it. I love that song but it may have scared me or thrilled me..dont remember

I was probably like 11 or 12. I remember I went to my first punk show at a local Baltimore club when I was 12.

Wow..they let you in? Trip out.

It was a real cool place, there wasn't a bar or anything, just bands, so all ages could get in.

yeah..I've been to some wierd goth clubs...one band that opened for one was a guy who was wrapped in plastic and was naked except for a license plate on his crotch and all he sang was "**** **** ****"..wtf? then the goth band came out

Helter Skelter in hollywood was the best though!

I've only been to Baltimore. (Not counting the clubs here in Japan)

What kind of clubs have you been to in Japan?

Nothing special, just local clubs with local bands.

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