My First Long Relation With A Sissy

sorry for my english,i m french
one night i was in a gay club for some fun and i saw him with his beautiful short dress,i couldn't stop to look his tight sissy *** and he knew that i desire him,but he was very slutty and drunk,when he goes to toilets, i follow him,we was alone on the toilet,i put up my **** for peeing (actually i want to show my **** to him ) he didn't say anything just looked my **** and smiled.i was very excited and i was getting hard but he returned back to club.i was very disappoint so i returned to bar for some drink and i saw him again,he shows me to his friends and i was like that.i gone to him and we started dancing together,he was so hot and inviting,we talked a little while we dancing then i couldn't stop my self to kiss him and he was like that.When club is closed we came to my place and having sex,it was amazing,i was in love to his skinny body and we saw each other for 3 months,that was the first time i had a long relation with a sissy.
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i'm looking for a sissy to ****.

where are you from, id love to be your *****

I live in Delaware.

ah shiiiit. im in the uk :(

il be your sissy ;) id do anything you tell me to. il even wear whatever you want me to ;)

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ok now try

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just what us sissies like. a strong man

Fabulous sweetie