I Like Sissys That Dress

I like women with small breast the cute perky ones are the best. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that sissys dressed up in panties, bras, teddys are just as hot as a pettie woman. A smooth chest shaved legs & a small penis also shaved its easy to make the connection and the fact they want to be treated like a woman its just not that hard to be the man they need you to be. Its just plan hot sex nothing but sex & that's hot.
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That is exactly what us sissies are for, pleasing a man. This means that if HE wants to take you in your sissie *****, then get going and ENJOY. if for the moment, HE wants his **** in your mouth, than that is what we do.....and we will enjoy it and swallow all of that sweet, smooth cream. I would never want anything in return, just to make the man happy and contended.

those of us who have small penises and grown breasts like men who want to have us

Well we re out here & I wish we would meet up more often

It would be great to meet your ****....

I would like that too

You are soo right... I feel the same way... Except... I'm that sissy you speak of... And I want to turn you on so you would be interested in ******* my **** to your hearts content... **** my slutty **** hole and suck my big clitty so I can *** for you...on you , in you.... And you me !!! Sd I have been cruising the adult video stores in my area to find " that guy... That **** tool to just **** me silly ...**** me like a ***** in heat ...**** me like a sissy while dressed in my favorite dresses and skirts and tight skinny jeans and sheer blouses with my bras visible .... **** me good and deposit your hot *** on my man **** and on my face in my mouth ..cause I want to try and throat a sizable veiny **** shaft too.. Sd

I luv to be talked to while I suck

me too love to know i am pleasing him

Do you talk dirty while your sissy pleasures you

I don't have one now to play with wish I did. You look so hot bet we could hav a really good time taken care of each others needs

do you like sucking on sissy *******?
love to dress for you

Yes thanks for asking if you play the part Ill play alone

Yes try to give good feed back does nt everybody

oh yes

I am a totally submissive sissy that loves to dress to please her man and be used for his pleasure. That is what sissies are for, isn't it? I would try to please you anyway you want.

Sissies love to please men!!! That is all we want to do sexually. How can I please you?