Tattoo For A Sissy ****

Here's a tramp stamp i've been thinking of getting done, or some variation of it. I like the double male symbol penetrative idea of it and what better place than to get it as a sissy **** tramp stamp. With of course the second arrow pointing down between my cheeks at my sissy ****. I think i'll try it out as a temporary one first, the spacing on the words should be closer together and both words the same size but it's the best i could do with the graphics program i have.

Think this is gay enough for a sissy?
spjennifer spjennifer 46-50 9 Responses Dec 1, 2012

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im thinking seriously bout getting tramp stamp tat that says property of master big he wants this on me and ive been looking for ideas and designs i want it to look very hot and very noticable any body got some please help me out here i need to get this done soon

Branding yourself like this would be so hot!

Yep sweetie it sure is i love it xxx ooo Diane

Very cute and looks great lets each get one together

Oh sweety i like your dsig are you or did you get it done yet ? I wish we were closer i woul dbe over to see yp all the tie if you neede a Gurl friend love penny

I love it... it is very gay...

i think so too!

would get your "point" across...

i certainly think it would!

Spacing may not matter, but temporary and permanent does.

That's going to be cute as hell. I'd **** the hell out of a gurl with that tattooed on her ***!